Worst and best

Worst sex ever? Mine was getting drunk at a party and giving head to some bloke I had only just met and he came as soon as I put my mouth around his cock and then fell asleep by the time I had swallowed.

Best sex was when I fucked a boy from school at a party and as I looked up I saw his two best friends watching through a crack in the door. It really turned me on. When he had finished with me I beckoned them in and asked them to go down on me. One retreated to the corner and watched whilst the other got really enthusiastic between my legs with his tongue. I can still feel it now! I gave him a little tug of course and he stood up and spurted loads of cum all over my swollen pussy. It was yum!

Never saw any of them again after that :( Shame really

3 months ago


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    • Worst sex was when I picked up a 50 year old woman and we went back to my hotel room. She had a loose pussy and the sex was just awful, I suggested anal and she was into it and I fucked her ass for about 3 minutes and looked don and saw a lot of brown, I pulled out and my dick was loaded with chunks of shit. I got out of there real fast.
      Best was when I lived with this girl for a year or so. I used to fuck her friend and was never aware they new each other until after about 6 months of living together. We were in the city and rented a hotel room and before we went out her friend came by as she was going out with us. The night was the best ever as I fucked them both plus the other woman's friend. A MFFF fantasy come true..

    • My worst wasn't even my fault. I was out with my pretty, sexy, petite FWB, who was also bi-polar and had a habit of drinking too much on her meds, and she'd get all out of sorts and I'd have to get her out of places we went. One night, though, she was way over the edge bad, I got her stumbling, wobbly ass home, and she started playing with my cock, reeling me in to fuck. By the time I was on top of her, she'd still been wobbly and all over the place, so I couldn't get a good handle on her or get inside of her that well. Her body was like jelly, all over her bed. I still fucked her, but it wasn't that good. I drove home later thinking, that kinda sucked, she's usually really good and active, sexy as hell, moves with me, and we do great in bed. That night, nope. Forgettable and awful. She's still hot, but we haven't had sex in awhile.

    • I love to suck cock email me gino8xx@yahoo.com

    • My best sex was the 2nd time I was with my late husband. He started giving me oral sex, and I began to get up. He simply put his hand on my chest and gently shoved me back down on the couch and gave me the best orgasm before fucking me all night. I never left our bed for the next 20 years without that man giving me an orgasm. He had a way with his tongue that was unbelievable. The worst sex I ever had? The second time I tried to have sex he couldn't get it in I was so tight. He got frustrated and drove me home. I never saw him again. The first time the guy couldn't get his cock in me either. The 3rd time was with my high school boyfriend where I finally had sex. We had great sex; in his car, in my bedroom, on a friend's floor after we crashed into his backyard running through his fence as my boyfriend was going too fast in his slick car on a windy road, in the back of an RV camping, and we're still great, close friends.

    • My date was going great. Lets go to my place, i asked her. She said no fucking on first date, so no, but I'm up for anything else. It was hot summer night, full moon. I took her to a remote park, the only light was from the moon. We soon were naked in the car. Let's go for a walk. In the middle of the park I was licking her pussy. "OMG I'm seeing shooting starts." Her 5 climaxes were so loud, lucky we're far from anyone else. She was soaking wet, head to toes when my tongue just couldn't lick anymore -- about an hour in. We snoozed a bit. She then returned the favor. On my back, her on all 4s she gave me an awesome all mouth blowjob that was just out of this world. I saw the shooting stars too. Walking back the short distance to my car a cop stops us "oh fuck" i thought. He just checked on her well being, gave me a High 5 and drove off.

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