The hard part is coming home.

I usually don't talk about Vietnam, it was not a nice place. I quickly learned to not make friends, after seeing too many sent home in bags.
I was lucky, I got sent home with two holes in me, alive.
Waiting at home was a wife, one I assumed would be faithful. But she was young, and our first few years before I got drafted were very highly sexed, she was an incredibly eager partner.
She didn't last very long, and ended up in bed with a friend I trusted to look after.
Once I found out, that friend was no longer one, he did survive the beating I gave him, barely.
Then I found out about the rest, and near as I could tell it was everyone we knew.
That ended that marriage, and it also changed me.
My 2nd wife was shared with another couple, somehow with me being involved it was all right?
When she died (cancer) I married my 3rd wife, same type of relationship until my phone rang. It seems a truck, loaded with logs, came around a corner and clipped her Buick, sending her over a guardrail down an 80 foot embankment. They told me she was probably dead before she hit the bottom.
My latest wife inherited a large property and estate in Boston, wanted me to join her there but Oregon is home.
She passed this last year of COVID, of all things. One would think since she was a Doctor that she would know how to avoid that, but obviously not. One of two contractors she hired was infected and that was all it took.
Now, I live alone. I write, for several sites. I have had literally thousands and thousands of experiences.
It's the tail end of my life, I am confessing before my maker comes for me.

2 months ago

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    • Thank you for your service.
      Not much to confess, you just got dealt a really crappy hand. My late brother in law struggled since 'Nam with the possibility of having killed a Vietnamese in a gunfight and passed from agent orange last year.

    • Wow 😳 that’s intense! I would love to hear more of your stories.

    • I want your cock in my ass email me

    • I want your cock in my mouth and ass

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