From friend's house to home

Several years ago when I was still in high school, I was visiting a friend, who only lived a couple km from me. There were a couple roads and a couple of wooded trails between his place and mine.
It was evening, and I had to go back home.
I left my friend's place and started walking down the first path, which forked toward the highway down one path, and another path leading alongside a small lake.
Since it was dark out, and with no people, I decided to have a little fun and walk through both paths naked. I went to a private area on the lakeside and took off everything, even my shoes, and left them there.
I walked down the more private path, all the way to the front entrance, opening to the next road. I walked back to the spot where I hid my clothes. I got dressed and then headed down the other path.
I got naked at the path, just before the highway. There wasn't much traffic that night. This path had a few inclines to it, parts of the path hidden below highway view, some parts level with the highway. I put my things into a bag and started down the highway path. At highway level, sometimes I would wear only my hoodie around my waist to appear like I wasn't naked, sometimes I wear only the hoodie normally, with the hood up and naked from the waist down.
I made it to the entrance, got dressed, and made it down one road through a mobile home park, and to another wooded area that was a shortcut. As soon as I made it, I stripped off, and walked through the wooded area, which opened into a grassy clearing. I walked through the open field in the night naked, all the way to the neighborhood where I lived. I got dressed before entering the first street and made it home.

1 month ago

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