22 years today.

Today marks 22 years since I started fooling around with my sisters husband, I may as well start at the beginning, All names are replaced to protect the guilty.
When I was 9 I met my sister for the first time, Well...Half sister, I was 9 and she was 23 so needless to say that dad had a small gap between her mom and mine but anyway, When I turned 14 I started going to visit her on my own back when a kid could still hop on the bus and just go, A week before their wedding I had gone to visit and the one evening they had gone out with friends, Having the apartment to myself I didn't really think much of it when I strolled to the bathroom buck naked and had a shower, I got out and went to my room which was the spare room right across from their room and as I was picking out what to wear to bed I felt the need to pee so thinking I was fine I went back naked and sat down to pee. As luck would have it I heard the front door open and close and then some laughter and then some foot steps and then heard their door close, I looked around and of course I had grabbed the last towel, Left it in my room with all my clothes blah, Blah, Blah, You get the idea, Anyway I finished up and wiped and just as I did the door opened up. My future BIL who was 2 years older than my sister was standing in the doorway and said "Oh shit, Sorry" I apologized and said "Sorry, I'm just finishing up" and he stood there with the door open as I stood up, Squeezed past him in the doorway and went to my room. At the time I was Tall, Skinny, Flat chested and no butt so there wasn't much to see.
He never did bring it up until 2 years later when we were camping and he was sitting in a lawn chair by the fire and I had bent over to pick up a piece of wood, As I did my boob slipped right out of my top as I stood up, I fixed it and we locked eyes, I said "Well...That's awkward", He chuckled and shrugged then said "Well...They are considerably bigger than last time I seen them" and we both laughed, I said "Ya, A cup to C cup in one year", as I stood there cupping my boobs looking down at them then realized I was talking to my BIL who just laughed, 6 months after that we attended a family wedding and I walked back to the hotel with him, He was quite drunk and we stopped so he could pee behind a tree, He didn't hide well and I could see his dick which was huge, When he came out from behind the tree I said "well...Now we are half even", He said "half even?", I said "ya, You didn't hide well behind that tree", He laughed and said "Did you look?", I nodded yes and he said "********* that's bad", I shrugged and laughed, We walked another two blocks ad he said he had to pee again, He said "No peeking this time", When I heard the stream start I walked around the tree and he looked up at me, I stared right at his dick as he peed and he just said "***, Um...I am trying to...Pee", I said 'I know, I just wanted to see what you would do". He finished and shook it off then pulled his pants up and we walked the rest of the way,
About a month later I was at their house and he was in the shower, I walked into the bathroom and started a conversation with him and he said "I'll be out in a minute" I said "That's ok, I don't mind" and kept talking to him, He turned off the water and reached out for a towel, Wrapped it around his waist and got out, I was in my sexiest jammies which was just silk shorts and a t-shirt but I was sitting on the counter, I had gone from my C cups to a full D and had chronically hard nips so I made sure I had no bra. I could see his bulge growing under his towel and looked down at my body, I looked at him and said "You like this look?", He said "It really doesn't matter what I like", I asked what he meant and he explained that it was inappropriate for me to be in the bathroom while he showered with glass shower doors, I scoffed and said "Oh Pffft, We are family" and left the bathroom.
We spent maybe two hours together before my sister got home and he had a raging boner the whole time, I knew my shirt was slightly see through but not enough to be obvious.
I turned 17 and my sister and him came to visit, We had a bon fire with some of my friends and I was allowed to have a few drinks, I am sure that 3 coolers is what gave me the confidence that when I went in the house and he was sitting in my dad living room I said "Hey...", He said "Hey" and turned to face me, I lifted my shirt and said "DD's", He coughed and nodded saying "Yes they are", I said "Tell me the truth...Before I show them to Josh...Are they nice?", He nodded and said "Yes they are but...I shouldn't be seeing them", I sat beside him but made sure I wasn't in front of any windows, I said "If I can't ask you who can I ask?", He said "I don't know but your sister would be pissed if she found out", I decided to attempt to prove him wrong, Later on after everyone had left my sister and I were sitting around and I was acting sad, She asked what was up so I asked her "Do I have an attractive body", She said "Ummm....Welll...Depends on the guy Blah, Blah, Blah" trying to be a supportive sister I said "If you were a guy would I have an attractive body?", She shrugged and said "Every guy is different", I said "I want to show a guy and just have him give me an honest opinion but not a guy who wants to bang me, Know what I mean, If he knows he isn't going to bang me then he will be honest", Bam, Worked perfectly, She said "You can ask **** but I cant promise what he will say", I pretended to be shy and said "Oh goodness, I could never", She laughed and said "Well, He has see you in almost nothing over the years so....".
She led me into the house, He was laying in bed reading and she opened the door, We walked in and she said "*** has a question for you", He squinted and said "Ummm...Ok", I had just a hoodie, Shorts and a thong on and looked at her, She nodded to me and I whipped off my hoodie, The shock on her face was priceless and as I dropped my shorts I think she was half expecting me to have nothing on but I did, I stood up and he said "Whoaaaa...", I said "Do I have an attractive body?", He looked at her and she at him, My sister said "Ok, Not what I was expecting but...Uh...It's too late now", He said "What the fuck ***", I said "I just want to know, I asked her and she said I could get your opinion", I turned my back to them and then turned to face them again, I said "Be brutally honest, For real, tell me what you think", My sister said "Ya know what?, I am going to go downstairs because he isn't going to give you his honest opinion in front of me" and got off the bed, As soon as she left the room he scowled at me and I giggled, I said "See, It's fine", He stood up and said "Do you honestly want my opinion?", I said "Be BRUTALLY honest", He walked around me and then stood in front of me and said "You have no ass..." I gulped and said "Ok", He cupped my boobs and I felt myself get wet, He said "Your tits are huge but they're different sizes and you have ugly nipples but...they are still forming, When they aren't puffy anymore I think they will look nice", I gulped and said "ok", He knelt down and pulled my thong to my ankles, looked up at me and said "Ok...Now that's...Perfect, Spread your feet", I spread my feet as far as my thong would allow and he run his hand across my wet lips, He stood up and lifted his hand, I thought he was going to put it in his mouth but instead put it in mine and made me taste myself, He said "If you make your pussy bald it will be perfect".
He told me to get dressed and that if my sister asked I was to tell her that he told me to get dressed and said I had a great body, I quickly did which was a good thing because when my sister came back after only a couple minutes I was dressed siting on the edge of the bed, Me and her wen downstairs and she asked if everything was ok, I said yes and she asked me what happened, I told her he asked me to get dressed and told me I had a great body. She smiled as if to signal that she was happy that was what he did, I heard them have sex that night so I guess she must have believed me. Exactly 3 weeks later I went to him when he was alone and asked him to teach me to give head, He face fucked me, Made me gag, Came in my mouth and on my face and told me to come back the next night, We did that for 3 nights, A week or so later he bent me over, licked my ass and made me cum from just that and a little clit rubbing, He taught me how to squirt bent over the kitchen counter, He taught me how to jerk him off with my boobs, He taught me about how to be a "good little slut" and on my 18th birthday he laid me back and finally slid his dick in me, I came so many times I don't even know how to describe it, Over the next 16 years he made me his personal play thing and I have loved every minute. He has full control over every inch of my body and he makes sure to use it all, He treats me poorly and the worse he treats me or talks to me the more I love it, I never would have thought anal would be one of my favorite things but here we are.

Jul 7
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    • Wow. Learning from an older lover is ideal. He must have been in his mid thirties when he took you. You are a lucky lady.

    • Oh forgot to ask. How big is he?

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