Free loader

A married woman without a working pussy is nothing but a FREE LOADER... living off you and worth nothing.....

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  • Yup.. sounds about right.... once you marry them you literally fucked... they're nothing but scum bags that want to live off you

  • Man you sure got THAT shit right! Lazy assenfreude!!

  • Sound like all strippers i know. They want to live with you and you pay rent utilities and groceries and for you to pay for they boob job but then they "cant strain for six months" so no sex. Then they go back to work but you still paying everything. there's three months of post surgical "complication" so still no strain so still no sex. So she walking around your house with giant tits that you cant touch. She probally fucking in they champagne room at work but you dont get none. So yes the bitches is ALL about the free load. Fucken cheap slags is what they are. Every single one of them. Cheap and nasty.

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