There is a first time for everything

He walked in from school and there she was, in his kitchen talking to his mother and it was love at first sight. Her long brown hair and ample figure instantly drawing his teen attention. She was a friend of hers, his mother told him, and she just moved back into town after a few years away. A week later, he was on his way to her house for dinner. "Hi sweetie," Amy opened her front door. She giggled. Nick let his eyes wander over her body, the short black shorts up to the extremely revealing deep cut white t-shirt, her lace bra. "Did you want to come in?" Amy smiled and gently lifted Nick's head from looking at her chest to her eyes. "This way," she held out her hand and lead him down a long hallway and into a large open area. Nick tried everything he could to look away from her breasts, but his gaze always returned. Her body sending the love inside of him closer and closer to boiling. The swaying of her hips and chest hypnotically capturing his gaze. "Would you like to sit?" Amy gazed up at him. Nick looked at her noticing her beauty his eyes, but fixated on the gently lifting and settling of her cleavage. "I, yes, of course," Nick stuttered. "I really like your shirt," Nick looked away awkwardly, "I mean you look really pretty today."

"I only look pretty today?" Amy giggled and reached her hand out and rubbed his leg. "Don't be nervous, I don't bite," Amy said looking at his crotch. "I'm sorry," Nick nervously smiled his gaze alternating from her chest to her eyes. "You are so adorable," Amy slid her body closer and put her hands on his. "Here, let me see your hands." Nick felt her hands guiding him towards her. His pants lunged forward as she slowly placed them on her chest, her hard nipples pressed lightly against his palm. He had never felt a woman's chest before. The soft weight cupped by his hand was making his loins ooze in delight. "You can put your hands under my shirt if you want." Nick did just that. Amy leaned her breasts forward into his hands and whispered into his ear, her voice sending the hair on the back of his neck a flutter. The combination of feeling the entire weight of the breasts in his hands and the warmth of her breath in his ear made his body instantly convulse. He did everything he could to hold back but he felt her hand tugging at his belt, but it was too late.

Nick tried to squirm away from her touch, but her hands kept rubbing against him. Embarrassed he looked to the floor as he felt as first one, then several, repeated thrusts flew through his cock, the warmth of his seed spreading quickly through his pants. He wanted to cry. His first experience, the first time he was going to be with someone, was forever marred in embarrassment. His eyes searched franticly for something to look at, somewhere to hide. "Let me take these," Amy gently started pulling on his pants. "I'll throw them in the wash. It looks like you got a little on your shirt too." Nick just laid there to embarrassed to move let alone talk. One by one the pieces of clothing were removed. Nick thought about it, the irony of it all. Moments ago he would have crawled out of his skin to be nude with Amy, now he barely noticed her at all as she walked away with his clothes.

He scanned the room for something to cover himself and then it dawned on him, he was stuck there and he started to panic. He couldn't leave without his clothes. Soiled or not he shouldn't have let her take them. "Let's get you cleaned up," Amy returned with a hand towel and a wet wash cloth. Amy knelt between his open legs and slowly rubbed the warm wash cloth over his thighs working her way across the whole of his sex. It was excruciating, her hands rubbing every inch of his skin. It sent quivers through his stomach as each touch became more agonizing than the last. "Now a little baby powder to dry my boy up," Amy gently tapped a powder bottle over him. Instantly the smell hit Nick's nose. The powerful aroma mixed with the lingering smell of sex, his sex, in the room made his mind reel. Then he called him her little boy? What was happening? Nick felt more than naked. He felt exposed. His entire being was being shown to a woman who hours ago he couldn't wait just to be with.

"You are at least eighteen right?" Amy looked at him with a mischievous smile. Nick nodded yes. "Just eighteen though, Just a month now." He always thought his first time would be romantic, but then this happened. "I'm thirty-seven," Amy inched her body closer, so that one her breasts was pushing it's hard nipple repeatedly against his arm. Thirty-seven? Nick had no idea. His mother was forty-two, but she didn't look like his mother. No, she looked like she was twenty-three. "It's exciting to think you as a young buck," Amy pressed the pressed against his arm and slowly let her hands wander of his chest, "and I'm already very excited." Nick's skin crawled with each touch. "I think it's even sexier that you are sitting on my couch naked," Amy reached her hands down to his soft shaft and gently rubbed it, "and I'm still all dressed," she said with a wink. "Maybe you would feel better if I took my shirt off," Amy started pulling on her shirt and bra revealing her soft pink skin.

Nick looked at her bare chest, he felt the stirring in his loins every so slightly. How badly he wanted to touch her again. All it took was the feeling of Amy's hand cupping his head and gently guiding him to send his lust straight to his loins. His cock stiffening with excitement he found his mouth gently pulling her breast between his lips. The feeling of the nipple rolling against his tongue was strengthened exponentially by the feeling of his head being held to her breast. Slowly he pulled the nipple in and let it gently slide back out, the rhythmic comfort the only thing keeping him from another sexual release. "That's my good boy," Amy's words echoed in his ears, both adding to his excitement and tormenting him with his youth and inexperience. Nick kept his mouth rolling against her breasts for what felt like hours. He could smell her. The smell of her sex growing stronger and stronger with each suckle of her breast. Amy rubbed her hand on his cheek. "Why do you have to be so cute," Amy smiled. He nuzzled into her neck, she was so soft, so comforting that he didn't feel embarrassed anymore.

2 months ago

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