I can see him (widower 55 yo) from the window of my room across the boundary. I intentionally let him see me undress or change my dress for a few minutes. He really loves watching my young body with a pair of perky t***. Gradually he started to do the same to me. He is quite hung with that semi-erect c***. It has become our obsession at night before going to bed and this always leads to my masturbation. Lately, he makes gesture with his hands - making O with his fingers and running two fingers of his other hand through it. Often he will show victory sign and running a finger through it - f****** sign!! I am thinking to show him my p**** ... I do not want to get into any relationship with him but am getting hooked to this act.

3 months ago

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    • Yes, voyeurism is a fetish, often paired with exhibitionism. I'm a long time practitioner of both. When I was in my late thirties, I noticed an older woman, next door, would walk her dog in the early morning hours. It would still be dark out. She smoked, and I could see the glow of her cigarette, One morning I went downstairs to my ground level laundry / storage room. I would strip down, open a blind, and masturbate into an empty dishwasher box. I did this several mornings in a row. One morning after I finished, I turned off the light, and peered outside, seeing her dark form and orange glow, walking away. So, I knew she'd been watching. The morning came when I was there, jacking away, and she appears in the window. I nod at her and keep stroking. She opens her housecoat, exposing her breasts, and hairy snatch. She made a grab for the sliding glass door, but, it was locked, and I shook my head, denying her entrance. I was a good dog in those days, as far as fidelity went, and my wife was asleep upstairs. I had a big party and invited her an after a few drinks, I got her in a corner and we discussed our arrangement. She asked if I would like to peep on her. I already had been, but, told her I'd love that. She had the same set-up at her house, laundry room at ground level. She would be nude, masturbating with her fingers and a large black dildo. I would be naked outside, stroking, and shoot my jizz on her window. Days got longer, the sun interferred, and it was harder for us to arrange, at night. Then, she moved away. She was a cool old broad, I really miss her.

    • I love flirting with older men too it’s hot thinking of them wanting my body when I’m much younger than they are. I love teasing them

    • Last night I got naked and showed him my pussy lightly stroking it. It started to throb ... closed the curtain and I masturbated ...

    • I love to see a hot older silver hair stud fuck a younger woman, see his chest air on her breasts, as he lays on top of her and kisses her.

    • MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!

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