Hung Horse

I would love to be mounted by a stud horse. I think his clock would hurt so so good.

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  • I raise horses, I breed them, and I let them breed me. You have to be careful they are big animals and can really hurt you. I've been having sex with horses since I was 15 yrs old, I'm now 35 and married, and my wife has never found out or caught me. Only person that knows I let horses fuck my ass is my younger sister, only because she walked in on my once, but now she is into it also. She even quit her job and is working for me out on the farm now. As soon as my wife leave for work my sister and I are naked and under a horse sucking or fucking or both. Once you had a horse cock and are use to the size, a mans cock will ever satisfy you again. I haven't had sex with my wife in roughly 2 years. She getting satisfied somehow or somewhere I really don't care. My sister feels the same way, she says she hasn't fucked her husband in over a year. So if you can find the right horse believe you me its worth it, you'll never stop.

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