I really enjoy sucking on guys

I built a glory hole door right in the entryway of my condo, I am retired, 63 and live down on the Gulf coast. I have been widowed now for almost twelve years and never really dated another woman after my wife passed.
When I was in my pre teen and teen years a few of us that had been friends for several years started experimenting sexually, nothing much at first just touching and comparing out cocks. One night while I was spending the night at one of those friends he asked me if he could see mine again. He began stroking it lightly and got me hard in seconds then the most amazing thing happened, he began sucking on it. I could not believe how great it felt and we did this with each other dozens of times over the summers and whenever we could without getting caught.
I was thinking of this back about two years ago and decided to build a glory hole at my place after a few months of watching just this sort of thing online. I have a few regulars and one guy that comes by pretty much daily who I believe lives in the same building or complex that I do because he often messages me and arrives within minutes. I have had dozens of no shows, guys that have multiple orgasms, guys who hesitate for a few minutes debating if they should stick there most prized member thru a hole to a stranger. Guys who want me to teach their wife how to suck, ones that want to come back multiple times a day. Big, small, curved, straight does not really matter to me just as long as they are clean and enjoy being sucked on is all I want.
All of them are always very appreciative of having it sucked on, most comment that they cannot believe I do this for free let alone multiple times a day. My most regular guy as come by my place as much as three or four times in one day, thanks me every time for a great blow job and tells me I am the best he has ever had in his life.

3 months ago

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    • Never had a guys cock in my mouth, but always wondered what it would be like?
      Is it hard but fleshy and maybe tastes a bit salty?

    • It is hard and surprisingly soft at the tip. It tastes like nothing if he's clean. If he's sweaty his balls are salty and he hasn't showered it's a bit musty and tastes salty. The balls are harder than they seem. they can be slippery in your mouth if you try to lick or suck on them. And it's easy to fit them both in your mouth. The shaft feels like a hard rod with soft skin that moves around it. the head is very tasty even though it has no real flavor. It is really soft and squishy and it feels great to deepthroat because you can feel it bending and getting squished in your throat. Sucking is fun but deepthrosting or getting skull fucked is where it really hits the spot

    • Love the amount of attention to detail. Did you suck that much dick in your life?

    • Yes. A cock unloading and pulsating in my mouth is all I live for at this age

    • I don't suck cock through a glory hole. But I do love sucking cock. I started when I was young also. My wife found out that I was bi before we got married when we were teenagers. We were at a house party and she walked in the bedroom where I was laying on a bed on my back with my head hanging off. A guy was fucking my mouth. She was amazed at what she was seeing. So anyway I have been sucking guys off for years. Most come to are house. Some guys will pull their cock out as soon as they walk in. A lot want to go into the bedroom. I love a guy who really loves getting his cock sucked. One that talks dirty and grabs my head. Black men tend to be more kinker than white men. I'm not one who jacks a guy off I suck a guy with my mouth. I my use my hands on his balls but I only use my mouth on his cock. I Larned at a young age how to deep throat. Now I don't have any gag reflex at all. I have this one guy that has about a 9 inch cock. And when he is about to cum he grabs my head and shoves all of his cock down my throat and holds it there until he is finished cumming. He says that I give the best head ever.i love it because no guy is the same. I know that I have sucked more cock than my wife has. She wishes that she could deep throat like I do. But she still gags. Anyways cock sucking is not something you do. It's something that you have to love.

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