Early Xmas to me

I needed to do some last minute Xmas shopping so I told my husband I was gonna do some shopping before we go to an Xmas party.

So I had just gotten out and got a message from a friend. Was a guy I've slept with more times than I can count. He said, "Hey what's up. In town for the holidays." I said, "Oh yeah. Very nice." He said, "What are you up to today?" I said, "Last minute shopping." He said, "I'm over at the Hilton garden. You wanna stop by?" I said, "Hell yeah. I can come by. What do you have in mind?" He said, "A bottle of wine and no clothes." I said, "Sounds good to me. Can't be long tho. Hubby thinks I'm shopping." He said, "No worries."

Went over and I must say damn I love this guys cock. I can't turn down a hot guy with a 10 inch cock that knows how to use it.

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  • Keep it secret from your husband, or he's going to retaliate.

  • What a Whore! It wouldn’t be so bad if your man knew and you shared it but you just give that stanky pussy up so easy

  • Hey no Whore or slut shaming. We love women that happily have sex.

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