I love my new job

I wasnt too worried when i got laid off because of the virus.I figured I would find work but weeks grew into months and I was unable to get work anywhere doing anything.I cut way back and didnt spend my money unless I had to .I was living with some guys that I worked with and they were getting pissed because they were having to cover my part of the rent and bills.I wasnt on the lease so when they decided enough was enough I was told to find somewhere else to stay.I was scared ,,No job and almost no money left and I didnt know when I would be getting a job .I couch surfed for a week or two but ended up on the street again .One night while walking through the park I met this woman ,we were both going the same way so we walked together and talked .When I told her that I had not been able to find a job and was currently homeless she told me I could spend the night where she was staying.She told me that the place where she stayed was run by a guy she knew ,he charged by the day,,if you had the money he let you stay,,if not you were not allowed to come inside.I said that was cool but I had no money ,she told me not to worry that she would get me in for the night .Everyone stayed in the one big room and acted like one big family .They all shared food ,,clothes and pretty much everything.Gloria told me that everyone there made their money by turning tricks somewhere in town,even the guys.Some were gay and some not and I noticed that several were really guys that dressed and acted very feminine . Gloria introduced me and got me a plate of food and we talked while we ate;.She told me that most of the cross dressed girls were forced to turn tricks when they ended up like me ,,unable to find real jobs. She smiled at me and told me I was pretty and asked me if I ever dressed up in womans clothes.I blushed and admitted that I was a cross dresser but had not been dressing up in awhile.Gloria jumped up and told me to sit tight ,that she would be right back.She went over and talked to a few gurls and when she came back she told me that she talked to her friends and they wanted to dress me up in some of their clothes,she told me to just go with it ,no one would judge me and it would be lots of fun . Her friends came over carrying some clothes and bags and I already knew what was about to happen .I was a little nervous when they told me to get undressed but I saw that there were others in the room that had no clothes on and no one seemed to care one way or another so I just joined them and took everything off.The group went into action and started holding clothes up to me to see how they would look on me and in a minute an outfit was chosen and I was told to put my new clothes on.I just finished getting everything on and two guys went to work fixing my hair and a girl started putting makeup on me and before I knew it I had been changed from a male to a very cute female and I felt happy and content for the first time in months.Gloria asked me what I thought about my new look and I thanked everyone and said I loved the way they made me look and I felt just like a real girl.Everyone laughed and Gloria told me I looked good enough to make good money if I wanted to be a prostitute.She told me that I wouldnt be able to find a regular job and wouldnt be able to make enough working here and there to survive very long .One of the gurls told me that she was a sissy all her life which led her to becoming a prostitute,,she told me that she only worked a few hours a day and made enough to buy new clothes and was able to eat good for once and she was happy . I asked her why she didnt have a place of her own if the money was so good.She told me that she could do that if she wanted but liked the way everyone helped one another out ,like a giant family which I understood. I admitted that I have had sex with men while dressed enfemme but one outfit wasnt going to be enough work with . Everyone said they would pitch in and help me with everything I needed for a week or so ,,by then i would have money and could buy what I needed .I felt like I had known these people for a while ,,I was not some stranger that they just met buy like I was a family member and I started to cry. I really didnt have a choice,,I wasnt going to find work that would pay every day which meant id be on the street until I got enough to put a roof over my head so I told Gloria if she would help me I would give it a try,Adding that if I could actually make any money I would pay anyone for their help .And that is how I went from being a guy to dressing and acting like a female and turning tricks .You do what you have to do to survive in tough times. I really do enjoy being out in public totally feminized and I only get harassed every now and then when they figure out that I am not only a guy dressed like a female but I am also working as a prostitute. I only have sex with the men I want to and dont have to do anything that I dont like to or want to do. I became a sissy when I started dressing up in my sisteras clothes as a teenager and now I get to do it in public and am able to make money dressed in womens clothes.

2 months ago

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