I think my mom and dad were swingers

My mother and dad had an apartment build over the garage the garage backs up to an alley one night i was in the attic of the house looking across to the apartment i could only see that lights were on i could see through a window the hall leading to the bathroom as i watched i saw my mother go down the hall to the bathroom she was nude she came out and went back to where i could not see her i wondered what was going on there was a car at the entrance of the garage i wanted to see who was in car i knew that when they backed out into the alley i would be able to see them under the street light in the alley i thought it may be another couple but to my surprise there was two guys in the car my parents must have been doing some hardcore swinging

2 months ago

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    • My wife and I were swingers back in the 70s and 80s. It first started with having sex in the same room with another couple and then swapping parents. Later on when we wanted to have children we would stop having sex with others until my wife was pregnant and then start again. I really enjoyed watching other men fuck my wife with her pregnant belly sticking out.

    • My wife and i started swinging a little in the late 70s we stopped until we had a kid and she was tied it was about 3 years later we started again i would set up threesums and she slowly really got into it, we had a couple well hung guys we would fuck with we started doing some different things i would let her date a little and my favorite thing was to take her to a club where couples danced and watch her get picked up by some guy or go out and get in a car with some guy in the parking lot they would make out a few minutes then she would suck his cock the next time we fucked she would tell all about what they did we loved it and to this day we still sometimes do a threesum with a guy from way back then

    • Ah don't sweat it.. when I was teens through 20's most of the pussy I tagged was married pussy from 22 yrs old to 45 yr old. . And yes the older the woman the better the fuck.. their all someone's good ole Mom

    • But the same goes with guys. In my early teens I lost my virginity and had sex with few guys my age. They were so quick.
      I Hook up with a friend of my parents and wow was he different. He taught me a lot about sex. Plus the fact he lasted longer

    • My mama is not very good looking to me she sort of short short black hair but does have a very big set of tits but even though i would have loved seen them all fucking

    • I'd hit the clubs, meet a girl my age or younger, on the 3rd date maybe fuck her. Found out the the older, married ones -- fuck them tonight in my travel van/motel on wheels. They usually had husband issues, like: not getting enough, always working, he got fat, he fucked his coworker now I'm fucking you. Some were happily married sluts, my fav -- they just said fuck me harder baby. The others would whine while you're in their fun hole -- but that's not to shabby either. They're all in their 70s or 80s now. Saw one in her 80s at the Starbucks. I couldn't believe my dick was her her mouth when she was 35.

    • Hopefully they were big black guys

    • Would not you like to see your wife fucked with a big dick

    • Very much black or white does not matter at all cant talk her into it yet

    • Yes I would love to see her fuck three black guys and get her pussy filled with cum Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

    • Can't imagine that but could be i think i would to see my mother fuck three guys and one of them or two of them black

    • Is your mom a slut?

    • Yes i guess

    • May be after what i saw every ones mama likes to fuck even yours they dont care what color as long bas they get a good fucking be real your mama would fuck anything like all women would

    • If the husband gives his wife the go ahead to fuck whoever she wants she will fuck everything she can for a few months and then settle down quite a bit and she will be grateful and happy, been there and still there

    • Very true women will fuck anything anywhere as long as they can keep it secret i would love to see my mama fucking two blacks or any body else that goes for my little sister too

    • Most will fuck even knowing they will get caught. Cock is their need, cum satisfies their thirst

    • Could not tell just 2 men 2 big black men would be more than i would expect but who knows wish i could say yes

    • Maybe just nude modeling?

    • Yea probably tell me what you really would expect

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