I hate Boomers!

I am so fucking tired of hearing bullshit from all you dumb ass BOOMERS! Tired of hearing this is what I did growing up. All the dumb shit that doesn't matter one fucking bit. Who gives a fuck what you did back in the day. I certainly don't. Tired of hearing only music and movies from your time are better than what we have. You fucking BOOMERS have wrecked our world, polluted it with your big gas guzzling vehicles you all drove, and borrowed us into a huge amount of debt fucking doing it. I say BOOMERS shut the fuck up and go away. Yeah collect your social security and keep your old mouths shut. You have left our nation a mess and we are expected to clean it up and work to keep social insecurity going. I mean really. Where do you get off trying to tell anyone how to live their lives when you have messed yours up. BOOMERS! FUCKING BOOMERS! I can't stand BOOMERS! Learn to recognize these letter STFU! This is what we want you to do. Shut The Fuck Up! Go The Fuck Away already. We don't need you or your accounts of how you grew up and lived your life. We don't fucking care ok. I bet many others feel just like I do. Remember when you cash your SSI and SS checks cause I'm paying for your old ass. How about you get a job and work. Looks Like that is what I will be doing. Not able to retire. I will have to work until I fucking fall over dead and they come pick up my dead corpse. Thanks a lot BOOMERS! Fuck you all and damn you straight to HELL! Okay I feel better now. Go on with your dumb stories really I don't mind it's kind of interesting hearing about how you screwed the rest of us. No really it's ok proceed. Again many thanks now it's back to work for me my task master approaches.

1.4 years ago


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    • Seller dwelling punk sissy snowflakes. Try satisfying a real woman instead of whacking off watching porn. Yeah you have seriously low sperm counts. Loser asshole punks.

    • I love all you boomers. I love sucking your nasty dirty old dicks for table scraps. Hey someone has to do it. I love swallowing your seed as long as it prevents you from breeding anymore useless fuckers like me. I thought this was a positive contribution to our society.

    • I highly doubt your unskilled minimum wage job contributes a whole lot to their social security lol. You're too dumb to compete in america, which is why you have a shitty life, but it's okay, a lot of us are in the same boat.

    • Suck my cock boomers! Eat my asshole full of shit! Hey can I have $20 and the car keys please? Want to get me a cheese steak and fries.

    • I hate everyone. I wish I was the president and could push the button and blow up the entire world. I really would like that. Including all the fucking boomers. Especially you boomers.

    • Hello I'm a boomer. Born in 44. We made some great music didn't we. If it wasn't for us you wouldn't have the music and arts you enjoy today. No Beatles, Stones, Who, Led Zep, Pink Floyd etc , etc, you wouldn't have had any that followed . We had to show you how to do it all including wipe your fucking ass. Plus you wouldn't have had parents with money so you can live out your life passions of playing video games in their basements. So just say thank you, you fucking ungrateful punk. Peace to you and go back to playing GTA or Hitman games .

    • Fuck you boomer. Your music sucks. Mine is the best. Metallica is tops.

    • Go back to stroking your tiny little pathetic pecker that makes no where near the amount of semen I shot up in your momma's twat. I saw more cum running down her legs and ass then you make in a year. Think about that you little twerp punk bitch ass eating game playing cock breath basement dweller. Have a nice evening snowflake.

    • Aah no worries mate you too will reach the time ( if you're lucky )

    • I laughed out loud at this rant. I remember thinking almost the same thing at about 16 - back when kids would make cassette copies of vinyl Pink Floyd albums for their mates. You'll cop the same flak in about 40 years from the yet-to-be-born.

    • At first I got aggravated at your prattle, but then I soon realized it’s perfectly age appropriate. I also arrogantly thought I knew a lot about the world in my teens/20s. I can once remember myself in such a nonsensical rant (only in person rather than hiding behind a computer) when a man my dads age chuckled at me and said “in a few years you’ll look back at this moment and realize just how young (and stupid) you are right now.” He couldn’t have been more correct. Every time I see a wet behind the ears child such as yourself use the term “boomer” I just laugh to myself knowing you’ll do the same. You’re stupid, but it’s okay, you’re supposed to be at your age. By the way you write, I’d guess you’re about....16ish.

    • Get off my lawn, punk.

    • There is allot of truth in what you said, i know i'm a boomer.

    • Lol there is no truth to this and I'm not a boomer.

    • Yes you boomer. Suck asshole pops

    • Hey BOOMERS ! I feel a coughing spell coming on get closer you old farts.

    • I've lived my life. After you cough on me I'm going to a Florida beech to look at the scantily clad bathing beauty's and cough all over as many as I can. So who will get even with who. I already lived and enjoyed my life . Plus I'm spending all my money leaving you nothing. Since you don't wear a mask cause you think your invincible you will cause many more deaths to your own kind. Dumb ass young people like you. You won't be far behind me sonny boy. Better stop masturbating and playing video games and live a little before the end.

    • Yeah well it ain't the boomers getting Corvid 19 at spring break.

    • This is for all who are too dumb to look on the internet and our dumb ass British friend below. A Boomer is a person born between 1946 - 1965 . All the G.I.' returning from WWII put the cock to the pussy and made lots and lots of babies. No war lets fuck. It's all over the internet fuckers talking about Boomers, Gen X etc.

    • Sorry, but what is a boomer? A brit here, never heard of it.

    • Double Dumb Ass to you!

    • Love me some Star Trek. Spock never could learn to use colorful language.

    • Moron!

    • You old fucking BOOMERS make me laugh with your witless responses. Non of you make any sense you just go on about stupid shit. I hope that your SS runs the fuck out. Then you will be begging us younger people to take care of your old smelly dumb ass selves. The answer is sure you can come clean the toilets at my house and my business. Yeah I have a business. I started a gutter cleaning service and I did 3.5 million worth of sales last year. This year is down because of the bullshit virus crap. See ya grand pa.

    • Dumbass, as is most likely going to run out for us not them. Enjoy working until you die.

    • Take care of us? Haha haha!!! Most of you dumbasses are still mooching you’re parents. Hahaha

    • Lmfao, you kill me with your comments. "I own a business, 3 million dollars, blah, blah blah." OK. LOL

    • Yes, it's back to work for you. Know why? It's called reality and growing the hell up! Pull yourself away from the video games, get an actual job, stop the dream of being DJ whoever or a singer, and start working on a future. Everything won't be served up to you 24-7, and you're feelings may get hurt. A lot. When you knock up that girl you met at the club, guess what? You now have responsibilities that don't include vaping and yet another weekend boozing bender. Man up.

      For the women..Stop acting like a slut, have a hint of self-worth, and put down that $600 handbag that you don't need or can afford. Speak like an adult, not throwing the f-bomb around every other sentence. Don't demand to be a "queen" when you act like a back-alley whore. Guys will treat you how you present yourself. Close your legs for five minutes.

      Lastly..It shouldn't take anyone like boomers (I'm close, but not quite a boomer) to tell you these things.

    • It started about 10 years ago where by our hard working, eager to learn, respectful of others, organized, fun, go outside kind of people, found ourselves unable to go in a convenient store or a drive through, not to mention a department store without having to correct the employee more than once, wait days to receive what we ask for or take back a wrong order...
      You see kid it’s because of the younger generations that we boomers have to sit through tv commercials telling the people like you to “Do Something”, go outside, read, don’t play to long on video games...
      Your core beliefs are so fucked up that the older boomers have to beat it in your skull during commercials...

    • What the fuck are you saying you old fucking moron. I can barely understand it. Maybe you didn't get through HS. Your post makes no fucking sense at all. None!

    • Only your generation would be so proud of your own inability to comprehend something so obvious

    • It says you don’t belong in our society until and unless you can learn to communicate and keep up with other people ...or should I have a commercial made to help you understand?

    • STFU...

    • Hey you little fucking punk. You SHUT THE FUCK UP! See how you like it . You are a little whinny ass bitch. You should just be grateful that you can sit at home playing your video games, smoking your pot, or whatever you choose to do. It's because your parents worked hard everyday that you can do what you do. Just be thankful that you live where you do. Cause in other countries they'd throw you out on your lazy ass.

    • Kiss my ass you old fucker. You can suck my cock too. You old bastard.

    • No. We're not going to shut up. Millennials suck. Their music sucks, their movies suck, their clothing styles are hilarious, their television shows suck, they don't know men from women, they believe people owe them something, they don't understand the economy, they whine constantly, and they think people are supposed to believe them to be special. (you aren't).

      Now go back to work.

    • Millennials and gen z are the worst. Gen x sucks too.

    • Lol, somebody got a stiff dick up their pooper. Maybe try pulling that dick out a your ass and you won't be so mad.

    • Flipping millennia F___King Flipping fucking idot

    • EAT ME you old mother fucker. Kiss my fucking asshole. Or maybe you'd like to suck me off. Yeah that's it. FAGGOT!

    • How are you calling him a faggot when you instructed him to perform three homosexual acts on you. Summary: You want gay sex from him but you call him gay when you are the one that wants it. This is called projection, in psychological terms.

    • What a fucking troll. Just looking for comments by writing dumb shit. The writer is probably the same kid who wrote other dumb shit like eating his own poop. Congratulations, you finally managed to write something dumb enough to get some comments.

    • I got your troll you stupid fucking cock sucking dick eating bitch. Stupid old mother fucking BOOMER! Yeah told yo ass off.

    • Good GOOD, Let the hate flow through you!
      FYI, I'm not a Boomer, but thanks for showing how stupid you really are by assuming. 🤣🤣

    • You are the stupid one you fucking ass wiper. I wouldn't piss on you I f you were on fucking fire. Well maybe I would just to have some fun. I hate all you old fuckers. You smell like mothballs and you don't bath often enough cause you can't smell or hear anymore. Go play shuffle board or pitch horse shoes whatever you old timers fucking do. Like meet up at McDonalds or the local mall if your town still has one. Every McDonald's has a group of seniors that meets up in the morning or lunch time. It's fucking hilarious.

    • Not only are you dumb, you can't fucking read neither. What part of "I'm not a boomer", did you not understand? I was born in 1997 you stupid crack whore. Lay off the pipe.

    • Basement dweller! Why don't you go suck on mommy's tit you'll feel much better. You fucking punk! I will meet you anytime or place. You better eat three squares cause I will beat the living daylights out of your young faggot ass.

    • He obviously has 3 letters by his name in a file somewhere. The ones that only the Dr. knows how to treat.

    • Take your Ritalin asswipe

    • Why don't you suck my asshole you fucking morons.

    • I’ll rape your aszz with my Boomer cock then make you shit my cum out they slather up a slice of spam with it and make you eat it.

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