Life long chuckhold

I have always thought about sharing any girl i might have with another guy my wife and i got married at 25 within 6 months i set her up for a 3some and we never really looked back i told her that i enjoy seeing her get a big cock and as long as we did this togethr we were having sex together i had trouble finding partners until i found a porno store that had a personal ads on index cards there. after a couple years we were doing mostly with black men because that was a bigger turn on for both of us and easier to find one with
a big cock we fuck often and i use a big dildo on her she can take a very big cock with ease i have let her date some on her own setting home knowing my wife was out getting a lot of dick thrilled me alot i started setting her up for gangbangs about one every 6 months we have fucked 50 or 60 guys since we married and our lives are better for it any woman can pretty easily be introduced into threesomes they love it and we recommend it for all couples that likes to fuck

2 months ago


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    • It's a life style that you have to be willing to expect. Knowing that you will be spending a lot of nights alone thinking about her getting fucked by strange guys. Over the years I don't know how many guys my wife has fucked. Once she got really comfortable with the life she would bring guys home and fuck them in are bed.i can't help but jack off listening to her have an Orgasm. Or hearing a guy when he is cumming in her pussy. Once a woman gets used to sleeping around there's no stopping her. I benefited from what she Larned from other guys. I love how her scratched out wet pussy feels and tastes like. It's never bothered me how she was. The more guys she fucked the happier we both were.

    • Lifelong sickass braindead chucklehead! you suck shittles! oh yeah yeah yeah you suck them soooooooo haaaaaard! stankass MOTHAFOCKA!!

    • Sounds like what i always wanted to do

    • If you have a half ass willing wife you can do it a lot easier than you think

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