Filming my ssbbw wife

If y'all want to see my sexy mature 300 pound cum dumpster suck and fuck, leave your email here. this fat bitch loves taking cum. Huge legs, big saggy double belly, huge hanging cow udders and a massive bald sloppy pussy big enough for 2 dicks

2 months ago

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    • I agree. I like women that are fat and ugly. They are the easiest to dominate and degrade. They too know they are disgusting and will normally do anything a man tells them to even if it means they are degraded and shamefully treated. They understand that they are nothing but a hole for men to pump their cum you said, a cum dumpster. I have fucked some sexy skinny women but I would never pick a skinny sexy woman over an ugly fat slob, never. Fat ugly slobs are the only thing now that makes me cum- i love watching their blubber shake, grabbing their pussy fat and shaking it, spitting in their face and making them tell me how ugly they are etc... I especially like making them tell me how fat and ugly they are while I'm shooting my cum in them. Something about them acknowledging how ugly they are while I cum in them- irony i guess. We all agree that an ugly fat woman makes a good fuck hole for our dick, right?

    • Fat ugly sluts are the best submissive whores a man can ask for. So attention starved they'll do and be anything you want just to have a man and a cock. They never say no!! Not like the snotty nosed bitches that think they are some gift to mankind. They are disloyal and tramps that look more like freaks than a woman. But an unattractive fat girl whos never been kissed much less fucked and you have a totally submissive fuck toy and will do ANYTHING to keep that cock..

    • send me pictures of your fat slut

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