My interns face is comfy!

I caught my intern in my office sniffing the seat of my chair when I came back from lunch. So being the opportunist that I am, I took off my skirt and tights and sat on his face until I came. It’s been three months and he keeps getting better. I think I’m going to hire him.

3 months ago

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    • Splendid, your interns should know what you did so you can demand him to thanks you for granting him the privilege to keep that for you , and , make him massage and worship your naked feet as a part of the job :D

    • At 18 I had fake ID to get in clubs. I wouldn't shave for a week, otherwise I looked 14. A late 30's gorgeous married lady (Jill) took a liking to my boyish looks. She takes me parking, we're naked in no time. She encourages me to give her oral sex (there was a palm mark on the back of my head). Back then I didn't like doing it, I'd do it a little to get my teen girlfriend good and wet before I fucked her. But I'm smitten for Jill, give it my best. Week later she says does you GF tell you your oral sucks? I'm going to make you way better. For a year every Thur night, before I fuck her, she gave me in depth pussy lick lessons.
      For 15 years she can't get pregnant. She lets me go bareback in her. She thinks I knocked her up. Maybe it was her husband was shooting blanks. 2 months no period. Then she gets it. Maybe she was, but she dumps me. I since love giving oral.

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