Fire fighter cheating wife?

I left for some fire fighter training out of state in Alabama. My wife had previously letting my best friend another fire fighter get firskey with her when they thought I was not looking. I had asked her several times if there was anything going on between them she admitted there was some harmless feeling up and teasing especially when we are all drinking or out at the bar. While I was in Alabama at the last training event I had to return home early because of my job as director of EMS services in our county. I did not tell anyone that I was returning early and I did not catch my wife in a compromising position or anything. Wr have 3 kids at this time ages 10 through 4 the house was a normal wreck like it gets with young parents with a lot of kids. But my bedroom was unusually clean even the master bathroom was cleaned very well candles were out around the bathtub witch was not unusual in itself. There were no clothes in laundry hamper but there were 2 towels in bedroom in different spots. The toilet seat was up again not that unusual because of 2 boys in the house. But the most suspicious thing was thw next day the dogs has gotten into the trash outside and there was a used condom in the trash can. My wife and I do not use condoms. I confronted my wife about this and she told me that it was her that used it on a dildo while I was gone. But I think she had my best friend over while I was at my fire fighter training. What do you think?

3 months ago


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    • Yes she cheated she finally confessed and they had been having the affair for 7 years. Here is the real kick in the stomache. One of my sons is not mine and she says he is not my best friends either. But one of my daughters is his. She wont give me any other info because she says it wont help it will just make things what????

    • Damn! Sorry to hear that, what did she say?? Why she cheat on you like that?? Are you divorcing? Who’s son is it?? This woman is poisen in my opinion

    • How did you confront your friend about it??

    • Bro have you find out if she cheated??

    • Don’t be stupid. Get some cameras and proof. She’s fucking him.

    • How did it go for you?? Did she cheat??

    • I am not sure she has cheated on me but my gut and my heart say she did. I found a several photos and a few videos on her phone when I was using it. Of her naked and playing with herself and showing everything. When I asked her about it she said she took them for me so she could send them to me next time I was out of town so I dont get lonely. she was upset with me for snooping in her phone and ruining her surprise to me. But I am not sure thats right because the dates on the photos were from the week I was gone

    • You married a whore. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I suspect you knew what she was before you married her. You can't complain about it now. Your gonna have to let it go.

    • I had no idea she was like this. I do not know why she would do this. I have been offered from other women but I quickly tell them I am happily married.

    • Yes she did it. Give a wife a chance to cheat and she will every time

    • She did it and you know it. Next time you leave set up some hidden cameras and get the proof.

    • Sweetie I can honestly tell you she’s cheating on you for sure. My hubby travels for work, so he’s I’ve invited friends over, cleaned the house before they came over too. I’ve used condoms with them until I was sure they were clean or were not going to make a deposit without my approval. And yes the raccoons ripped open the garbage and hubby found the condoms. But then I went on the pill and hubby got a ring camera. Now I go to yoga class😉😉

    • So how do I get her to tell me the truth I have asked her several times but never out right accused her of cheating. I just think I have the right to know. But she seems to think she has the right to her own privacy when it comes to her masterbation. Witch I can see that everyone deserves some privacy but its not her masterbation activities I am asking about. I am just unsure how to go about this or just let it go.

    • Just like the comment above, hidden cameras with WiFi access

    • Condom on a dildo? Riiiiiiiight

    • I have used condoms on a dildo to enjoy a quick and easy clean up after anal penetration.

    • You should set hidden CCTV cameras in the house

    • Where there's smoke...there's fire.

    • I dont know I did not examine it that closley. I do not remember the last tine we even had condoms in the house. We never really used them there was always alternative birth control methods. And now I have a vasectomy so we dont need them for sure

    • Did the condom have semen in it or not?

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