Turned out quite nicely

As shallow as it seems I had an arrangement with a really ugly looking girl.
This girl really didn’t have anything going for her when it came to looks.
At work the girls in the office would tease her, you got a date for tonight of course you don’t you’re that ugly.
It was nasty and the girls didn’t really let up on her.
I felt really sorry for her, I spoke to her about the girls being nasty but it didn’t seem to bother her, she just didn’t care what they said.
Out of pity and will admit when I was on my own, I asked her to join me for a drink after work, no was her answer.
I tried a few more times and no was the answer.
I said what about I cook you something to eat, expecting no she said, what you cooking, not sure I said I’m not that great at cooking, she then said you can’t cook for me then, I couldn’t believe it, she now has me trying to impress her.
I mentioned a few options I was safe to cook and she said pasta, I don’t mind pasta thank you.
Ok I said when you free, looking at me in a strange way she said, I’m always free, I’m ugly remember.
In the back of my head I was thinking if anyone finds out about this I will be a laughing stock.
That evening didn’t go to bad, it was enjoyable, I said I was happy to cook again, not pasta she replied, we were starting to really get on believe it or not.
The next meal I asked about boyfriends / girlfriends, really she said, who would be interested in me, wrong thing to ask really spent the rest of the evening flattering her, boosting her confidence.
At work I said, what’s it going to take to get you for another meal, what options do I have she said.
I was unsure what to say other then food, games, I like playing card games, like an idiot I said strip poker, she replied if you like.
Our next met up I even went out and got a pack of playing cards, during the evening out of the blue she said, what about strip poker then, ok I said I’m game.
I didn’t even know how to play strip poker, just knew you took off clothes when you lose.
Half an hour later I have one sock on and my boxers, she had removed her bra but still had T-shirt and skirt on.
Her tits were hanging perfectly, you could see the shape of them and her nipples nice and erect.
I said I can’t play this anymore, you’re tits are winding me up, as I said that she took her top off, what about how she said.
I was out of my chair and straight on her tits, she was breathing really heavy, I lead her to the sofa, took the rest of her clothes off, she had a really hair pussy, I parted her legs and put the end of my cock over her pussy hole, her face was priceless when I started pushing in, after a few thrusts I pulled out to look at her pussy, her pussy was soaking, the wetness made all her pubes stick together, this was the wettest pussy I’ve ever been in and it looked amazing.
I went straight down and started licking her clit, she liked that, I licked and sucked her pussy until she cum, I put my cock straight back inside her pussy, thrusted away then pulled out, shot cum over her pussy hole.
Amazing what sex can do for a person, at work the next day the office girls said, what’s she so pleased about, have you finally got some, I noticed her smiling but not saying anything.
We now have an arrangement without anyone else knowing, it’s called sex.

3 months ago


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    • After my 4th child I was a whale as my husband would call it, almost 300lbs. Needless to say people at work made fun of me, never invited me out, but a man named Jeff was nice to me, flirted with me, made me feel special. He was married to this beautiful women. So I asked him why is he being nice to me, he responded by saying I know you to have a beautiful heart, and you may not have the physical type of body most men want, but it’s all about the mind. So I ask3 if he wanted to fuck me? That evening we had sex in my minivan. Since then I got the gastric bypass and lost a ton of weight, I’m sexier than ever, men all over is flirting with me, my husband gives me the attention I deserve, but Jeff gets all my attention, even though we are both still married. Jeff even comes by the house and hangs with the family. And since 2009 Jeff and I are still having sex, he’s the only one I basically have attention for besides my kids. I would drop anything I was doing for him

    • My buddy got laid 6x this way. He'd stop around 6 PM at the ritzy hotel bar near the airport. Usually a girl there by herself was a flight attendant or a businesswomen -- both with a hotel room. He walk up to them "Jill, I'm Bob, I work with Judy." There was no Judy. He pretended Judy fixed him up with her best friend Jill. He'd apologize for the mistaken identity and sit 3 bar stools away and check his watch ever couple of minutes. He'd buy the girl a drink, to keep her around and play nice. "she must have cold feet, guess she stood me up." In a poor me kind of way. The lady at the bar thinking ~such a nice guy, not bad looking, Judy fixed him with her best friend -- I could fuck him in my room I bet, who'd known, I live 1,000 miles away, Judy wouldn't set Jill up with a creeper.~ He said he was 6 for 10. 2 became FWB when they were back in town. 1 was married and crazy in bed. He worried someone would call hotel security.

    • In high school I had a lot of guy buddies and 3 girlfriends, 2 I fucked. The one is probably still a virgin. In college it was almost all girl buddies centered around school. Like study groups. It was so much harder than HS, no time to fuck off with the guys. My Western Civilization study partner Joan was a plane chubby Jane type, big firm tits. I study the fuck out one assignment and she'd no the next, then we'd tutor each other. Didn't take long to figure out that fucking was a great way to let to release stress. While the other kids were getting drunk all weekend and maybe get lucky, we fucked so much she lost 10 pounds. This girl had the sweetest pussy, it wasn't too tight -- it was right for my dick. She liked sex more than me, any time almost any place. "sucking dick is like a tranquilizer, spiritual, i meditate, " she said.

    • WTF You think we are supposed to believe this shit? First there is a seat for every ass and an ass for every seat! Meaning she is not ugly to someone else! You clearly are a virgin and have no respect for women. That is why you will stay a virgin stuck living in your momma's trailer moron!

    • There are ugly people, I am sorry to say. With your judgemental, aggressive attitude, I think you are one of them.

    • There are two things that are never ugly! Women and hot rods! Some may not be to your taste but someone else will love them.

    • If you think writing about women as just only sex objects for your pleasure! And do not see them on your level but below you! Then you are the same person who wrote this and is a virgin stuck in your momma's trailer!

    • Sometimes the not so pretty girls are the most appreciative, and they quietly come back for more. I had a female friend that was over weight but sure liked pleasing me, she could lick and fondle my dick for a long time.
      I wonder what happened to her ?

    • You did a wonderful thing for her and I hope you continue it. Thank you!!

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