Friend Close Friend

Well where do I start, I was six years old when it first happened and I was using the boys outside Lavatory at my Elementary School. The only light source in the cold stone building came from the lack of it having no roof. I turn to zip my fly gently and there close beside me was Alan a kid from my class, his out reached fingers closed around my small penis as he sank to one knee and guided my little peewee into his warm wet mouth. At the age of six i was totally unaware of the situation, I did know that the warm feeling I got as he started to gently suck me into his mouth was wonderful. As in a trance and glow of overall warm I happened to glance down and to my utter surprise , I saw another classmate Pamela she was sucking Alan’s penis. I was in so much shock that there was a girl in the boys Toilets,I jerked my pewee out of Alan’s grasp. The bell the rang shocking loud signaling the fact recess was over, zipping my wet penis back into my shorts I ran QuickTime to my class. Neither Alan or Pamela were marked present for the next period, it was lunch time when I caught up with Alan, when II enquired of his wereabouts, his only reply was, “ I will tell you later”. The day went on and it was years before I got to find out what had happened that day.

5.1 years ago

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    • Love to have sucked your 6 yr iold cock while I finger fucked you as Pamela watched, her ass would have been next to take my cock then her tiny, tight cunt

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