The Party

We were on the way to a party at a mansion in the country. My lover an older Gentleman was telling me that He wanted me to mingle with others and to enjoy myself. As he talked his hand was busy under my dress. He said that tonight we would be free to do what we wanted even though up to this point he had been my only sex partner.

"Do you mean that you want me to let others do to me what you are doing to me under my dress?" I asked.

"Well just for tonight oaky. I mean this is a special party and everyone will be willing to share their loves with each other. You may find that you just might like this and want to sometime try it again." He said to me as I snuggled even closer to him.

"Well I don't know but I'll try after all you my first lover and I love and trust you." I said turning his face for a quick kiss.

The memory of this night has stayed with me for ages and it makes me horny when I think back to this and to the time Len first touched me and kissed me. I had never been kissed before or fondled by any male and an older one at that. We arrived at the party an I noticed that there were young girls and older men. Some were slow dancing and some were sitting and talking. After a while I noticed a young redhead looking my way. I smiled at her and she blew me a kiss. Then she motioned with her head to follow her which I did. She led me to the back patio where she introduced her self. We chatted for some time and then she asked me to dance with her during the next slow number. I remember how she held me close, her hands clasped around the cheeks of my ass. I loved it, especially when she let me feel the cock under her skirt.

She was a beauty and I was getting hornier as we danced and as she nibbled on my ear and as she gave me little kisses on my neck. We ended up sharing a bed and fucking and sucking each other. I love being fucked with my dress on and off and that's what we did that night. The next day I told Len that I'd like to go back to the mansion to party again. That night I dressed in my petticoats and skirt for Len and he knew what I wanted. We lay on the floor and he gave my pussy a good fucking and it ended with him sucking my clitty dry. Such memories that I wish I could relive.

4 months ago

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