Selling used pantyhose

8 years ago, I was in college and waiting tables at a sports bar known for is outfits. All I'll say is orange shorts and pantyhose.
The place has crazy turnover so after two years, I was one of the senior waitresses. lol
I had a few night classes so I would work the lunch shift during the week.
Bob and his wife were regulars. They owned a small garage and would bring the two mechanics with them for lunch during the week. Bob tipped great but he liked to hug. He was always respectful but always wanted a hug from us girls. He was 60s and fit for his age. His wife had a lot of work done. Bottle blonde, boob job and collegian lips.
Bob and his wife would come in for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights to watch sports and drink. After a few drinks Bob could get real flirty and while hugging he'd steal a butt squeeze. It never bothered me but some girls would get the manager involved.
I'd just started a Saturday evening shift when they came in and asked to sit in my section.
After brining them a couple of rounds, I snagged my pantyhose on something in the back and got a long run. I'd just started my shift so the manager told me I'd have to change. If it'd been really late or an hour till shift change, they'd let it slide.
I checked on Bob and his wife and told them it would be a few minuted before I'd be back. I showed his wife my run and said I have to change. She whispered, "Can you bring Bob your old pantyhose? He'll pay you for them." I felt a hand rubbing one side of my butt. That was Bob.
I felt another hand on my other side of my butt, it was her.
I thought 'what the hell'.
I changed and put the old pair in a small foam desert container and TO-GO bag like it was left overs. They both peeked inside the bag and container like it was part of their order. When they left, he gave me a nice tip on the card but handed me a $100 bill and said it was for the pantyhose.
His wife told me Bob would gladly buy more AND any of my worn panties in the future.
Once I put some old thongs in my purse. I told Bob I was going to take off the panties I'm wearing and put them in a TO-GO container for him.
I got a nice tip that night. LOL
People have weird fetishes.

16 days ago

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    • I worked there before Covid. My roommate told me I should sell my old uniforms on eBay so I posted the shorts and tops. I got a message from a guy asking if they'd been laundered. I replied, YES! He told me he would purchase them if I promised wear them once before shipping. I never replied back.

    • If it's TRUE your a trooper. Lucky Bob that's not even weird hope he had your panties in his mouth as he fucked his wife or made her wear bed

    • Sadly, it's true.
      That happened so long ago and I had all kinds of weird thoughts of what they did with those items. I never thought he might ask his wife to wear them. Uggg!

    • Being PC, I 'dated' a hooters girl once. lol
      She hated the outfit but made good tips.

    • Yeh right sure thing dude!

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