Want to watch my mom-in-law dominated

I want to watch a few guys manhandle my mom in laws while she struggles. Want them to tear her panties off and fuck her rough. The whole time she is begging to stop because she is pride bitch. But after awhile she gives in and becomes a slut. Sucking and getting fucked and moaning loudly. She swallows all their cum.

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  • An old girlfriend's (Kelly)mom (June) caught us fucking, she made us go to confession. She a real prude, dresses like she 90. I saw her an old lady swimsuit, she looked hot even in that. They have a cabin by the lake with bunk beds. He husband Bill had been drinking and around 2 AM I woke up to a birds eye view of him fucking June like payday whore. And she's naked and loving it. The next Kelly said she saw it too. She hears her fucking a lot a home. I fuck Kelly in the woods. The next night I'm guard for maybe another free live porn show featuring my new fav porn star June. She doesn't disappoint. Bill wants to fuck her but she's like no no, not here. She's naked again and give Bill a blowjob.

  • Nice one. wish i could have the same free show. How do you look her in the eye, do you indicate anything?

  • It's an ex GF from 50 years ago. I saw June at a wedding 20 years ago, Bill had passed. She was 70 and I was 50. She was always more flirty after she caught me fucking Kelly. I have a good idea she knows I watched her get it and the BJ. Maybe it was for my benefit. She looked great for 70. Out of some kind of ex's family courtesy, I think I would have fucked her but my wife was there. I saw Kelly after Bill died and she said June is totally changed, and she tells June 'i hope you go to confession." People who caught someone having sex have 10x greater chance of having sex with the person they caught, than an acquaintance who didn't. We watched each other. Kelly had rock blasting and she watched from the us hallway till we finished. Then gave us hell.

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