Neighbourly Kink

I’m a happily married heterosexual (or so I thought) guy but for the past 6 months I’ve been sucking my elderly neighbours cock.

We watch football together at his place with a few beers and sometimes watch some porn.
On the first occasion we were pretty drunk and he’d put on some shemale porn, which we were both laughing about. Without any warning he pulled his cock out and started to play with it.
‘You don’t mind do you?’ he asked. I kinda did, it was quite embarrassing but said ‘no’ anyway.
I’m not sure what I expected from a man in his late 60s but he had a very strong erection and was slightly bigger than me. I’d never seen another man masturbate in real life, it was weird but also fascinating.

He must have seen me looking because he asked if I wanted to touch it. I can remember how red my face became with shame but a combination of alcohol and being aroused by the porn meant I really did want to touch it. I put my hand around it as he moved his away.
We sat in silence for a minute or so, my hand clasped around his erection. I wasn’t even stroking him at that point, only holding his cock.

He started to push his groin gently upwards, causing my hand to pull his skin down and expose the head of his cock. He continued this motion, moving back and forwards, fucking my hand while I kept it still. He seemed to get harder with each thrust and his engorged, purple cock-head looked ready to explode.

Just as I was wondering if he was going to cum he said, ‘Suck it’
I’ll admit the way he said it sent a tingle through my balls, he wasn’t asking. If I’d been sober I don’t think I would have done it but nevertheless I leaned over, took his cock in my mouth and started to suck, properly stroking him at the same time.
He lasted less than a minute, maybe only 30 seconds before he groaned, tensed and I felt his semen splash across my tongue.
I didn’t swallow, didn’t really know what to do so it mostly dribbled out of my mouth onto his cock.
He gave me towel and I cleaned myself up. We didn’t speak to each other, both embarrassed by the experience. When I was leaving he asked if I was coming to watch football next week and I said yes. Needless to say the same thing happened and has done for 6 months.

My wife has no idea what’s happening. When I had an argument with him over garden waste he stormed off insisting I come to his door to apologise and she actually made me go, not realising that my apology involved swallowing his cum while wearing her panties.

I’m not looking for advice, I dont want to stop or change anything. I’m more horny now than I’ve ever been and my wife gets the benefit, though sometimes I have to imagine his cock to get myself hard.
I guess I’m bi, something I never imagined before.

3 months ago


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    • There are so many people out there who never imagined or would admit they have touched another mans cock yet it happens and sometimes this is the only place you`v come across that you realize you are not alone and confessing to the wife would have been a really bad mistake.lasting long enough to satisfy my wife was never a problem but keeping my eyes of the zip of this 20 year old certainly became one as id come, just with him thrusting in and out of my mouth yet i had to carry on with him having guessed the effect his thrusts were having on me.Having come i wanted to back out but i carried on sucking and licking down the full length , my head held firm as the warm spurts shot into my mouth and he make a hasty exit only to turn up the very next day very keen that i suck him of again.In my mind i knew i was a wife only guy yet as soon as he unzipped what was all ready semi erect i went back down on him.Later i found out he had lied and was really 18 and that sort of sent sent a wake up call that this was really was not for me.

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