Virgin girl or experienced woman. Who makes the best wife?

My father only talked about girls and sex with me one time. He told me that I should find an experienced woman to be my wife. He said that I would be much happier in the long run if the woman that I married had sex with other men before me.
He said that my mother was a virgin when they got married and it was a mistake and he should have married one of the experienced women that he dated before my mother.
I heeded his advice and I would only have sex with women that were already experienced. I married a woman that had sex with four guys before me by her count. I think that it was more likely about 14 or more.
My experienced woman has been the best wife I could ask for.
Do you agree that an experienced woman makes the best wife? Or do you think a virgin would have made an even better wife?

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  • Well my H told me that he would not have gotten with me or married me if I was a virgin he thinks everyone should have at least some experience with others before they settle down and get married
    So guess it is up to you what you want when your ready to get married

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