So Pleased

It took me a long time to talk my wife into wearing a strap on dildo and fucking me in the ass. WOW. It was to the point of exhaustion and it did hurt a little, In a GOOD way. She was surprised at how much semen flowed from me before I came and how little she had to jack me off. Just let the dildo do the work on my prostate.

She liked the whole idea of role reversal
And Yes , we will be doing this again.

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  • My wife started with dildos. Now she uses strapons on me. She thinks that it's the hottest thing to fuck me as deep as she can. I love the role reversal and the orgams I have with a cock in my ass. She gets so into it she tells me to back my ass onto her cock.

  • Same here wife into it but me more. Love when she fucks me with it and says I know you like it deap .

  • My wife likes knowing that it hurts me but turns me on at the same time. She tells me ,” you love this fast and deep my little gay boy I’m not stopping till it’s all in “.Then continues with all kinds of sexy domination talk
    Love it.

  • That sounds so hot. My wife is a little shy about the thing seeing that we’re new at this. I hope after a few times she becomes like your wife sounds , kind of forcefully taking charge . I want her to do me , just like she likes me to do her.
    I’m sure we’ll get there

  • It is amazing my wife and i do this too i love it

  • It was amazing. It was our first time and we’ve been married for 38 years. I secretly had been doing it for a long time but is so different when some else is in control.

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