Worst time of our lives

Back in the late 1960's through the 1970's my wife and I built a chain of gas stations, at the end we had 32 employees running five outlets in the Portland area.
Then cam the oil embargo, no supplies, it was a mess. Thinking government would sort things out, we kept the employees on running shorter and shorter shifts until it was done. Heavily financed, the bank showed up for the keys and we ended up living in our car, an older chevy 9 passenger station wagon.
We strapped a little rowboat I had on the top, and stayed in campgrounds by lakes. It didn't take long before we ran out of the little money we had left.
We were surviving by eating fish I managed to catch, some of those lakes were full of them but that got real old. We needed some money.
The wife was the one that came up with the idea, lots of men showed up to fish the lakes.
She got to talking to one of them, and somehow she suggested she would do a hand job for $20, which he took her up on.
I have to admit, she was good at it, and she did talk it over with me first.
Over a three month period that Summer, she did at least 400 of them, with lots of repeats. She would go to their tents, most were just jackoff sessions, a few she did topless, and she also did fuck a few of them for extra cash of course. When Fall came, I found work in a machine shop and we started the long road back. She set up a table in our apartment and ended up with quite a few clients, until I found another gas station and bought it. Those were tough times, having to wait at the car back then while lord knows what the wife was doing to get the money to keep us going was a period I didn't like much, but we managed and are still together.

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    • OP here. Just a follow up since this one raised some questions. When my wife and I met, she was different from others in that she refused to go all the way, instead she did like many young women do, she used her hands to take the pressure off of her dates. I was not her first but I was her second, her first was some fumbling attempts early on with a boy friend i high school.
      Our first time was in Reno, we got married in one of those marriage mills by a guy in an honest to God Elvis Presley suit.

      The bad period began in a campground on Mount Hood, a place called Frog Lake, back then staying there was free.
      So, a guy pitched a tent not far away, my wife was going out to gather firewood so he was helping her. He made her an offer, she came back and asked me. I didn't want her to do it, but she told me she had done it many times before she met me, just using her hands. It was some money, which we needed.
      I am an old man now and in the late stages of my life, well aware of it. So, I am using this site, for what it is worth, to get some things we did off my chest.
      When my wife later met one young man who was very nice and attractive, she asked me if it would be OK because she wanted to have that experience. It was $100, a LOT of money at the time, so I said OK. After, she went and bathed in the lake, and came back to me. I asked her how it was, she told me it was OK but he wasn't me. I think she only sold herself like that three times, although I admit I am not sure. Now, decades later, we sleep in separate beds, except for about once a week she comes in to join me.
      It was a sad and desperate time in our lives, but we survived and managed to build a business and did very well.
      At 68, she is still a beautiful woman and we still enjoy a good sex life, even at our ages. That is the entire story now, nothing really left to confess.

    • How old was your wife at the time?

    • She was 21, now she is 68. I am 77. Long long time ago.

    • You did what you guys had to do to keep it together. I am glad you got this off your chest in an anonymous place. It's good you're still together and it was a long time ago. Just let it go and don't let it bother you too much. I have done things I'm not proud of either when I was a drunk. Been sober now two decades and never cheated on my husband, but I cheated on my first husband 6 times while drinking in my 20's. I had to let those regrets go. Life is too short to ruminate on past deeds done.

    • I would love to read about those times with the first husband. So it just took some drinks and a tall flirty guy to get you in the bar bathroom with your panties around your knees then?

    • Gotta think this might be going on now with wives while we're still in the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The confessions years from now in the year 2071 will be, "Back in the 20s' during this global flu pandemic..."

    • Back in the late 70s my wife fucked guys for money. We lived up north near New York. She was working as a bartender. She said that it was easy money. She would wear a low cut top and lean over the bar guys loved her big tits. She made a lot of money.

    • We worked campgrounds all over the State for that entire Summer. She didn't mind doing it and the easy money made the difference for us until we got back on our feet. Not very many went past just a hand job, those were always really nice looking types, which she conceded she actually liked doing. Sure, it' was prostitution, but it was also the difference between having food and not having any. Plus now, she is a normal happy housewife and totally faithful. I would have even done it myself but that never came up.

    • I am glad to hear you are still together. And thinking I should go up to the Lake district this summer. $20 for a hand job? How much can I get for sucking and swallowing?

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