Before you say it, i SHOULD have used condoms, i know.

Last night i cheated on my husband with 2 dads from preschool, at one point one of the guys penetrated the other guy, then entered my pussy afterward. It was all bareback but now im terrified I'll get an infection and will have to explain it to the doctor. Help.

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  • How often do you hook up with these hot dads? Did you ever get an infection?

  • Just enjoy

  • I want to hear details of how this happened. Were the dads already having a sexual relationship?

  • Any woman that fucks a homosexual deserves to get Aids and die. I only hope you don't infect your husband, whore.

  • Errr never mind that skip to the part of the orgy lol

  • Thanks all.

  • I wouldn't have intercourse with your hubby until you know your clear to do so from the Dr. You may pass something on to him. That's when the shit storm will really hit.

  • Doctors keep matters confidential. If you get an infection, just go see the doctor and explain that you may have contacted something from sexual activity. It may be awkward, but it’s better than the alternative.

  • I'm worried about the fact of having shit in my vagina. How do i explain that?

  • Be honest. Tell the doctor you went from anal to vaginal sex in the same session. I can guarantee the doctor has dealt with far worse things than that.

  • I agree... you can even say you *think* it happened during finger dumb - you're not really sure how it happened during intimacy with your "husband".

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