Is it wrong to want other men to sexually objectify my wife?

My wife doesn’t think she’s attractive, so I want to post her nudes on websites to get them to objectify her and make her feel wanted by men that aren’t her husband. I think this may help boost her confidence, but I’m also not sure she wants that attention. Am I crazy for wanting her to feel like the sexy queen she really is?


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  • I love showing my wifes big tits off for mens comments to show her

  • My wife was so shy about her smallish breasts that when dating she refused to allow me to touch them. But, she would let me rub her butt, and I had my hand in her panties regularly.
    Then one day she was just out of the shower , we had a crew working on some trees and brush alongside our driveway.
    The guy up in this bucket lift saw her through the upstairs window, she looked up at him in surprise, she was fully naked.
    It was instantly into hiding, she refused to come out.
    When the one man came to the door to collect for the job, he asked who the gorgeous lady was, mentioning he was sorry, it was an accident, but she was so "perfect" he could not get her out of his mind.
    My wife was in the room, staying out of sight behind the door.
    That day she changed, different pretty clothes, halter tops, she began to realize she really was getting looks.
    I even asked her if she wanted to go to a nude beach with me, she said sure, but we haven't yet since it's been too cold and wet and this silly pandemic is still going on.

  • I post nudes of my wife online and love the comments. She does not know I post them

  • Send pictures.

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