Gap year antics

My boyfriend and I went traveling for almost a year, and his best friend came to join us for a month while we were in Thailand. He's a bit of a jerk, but super hot. He got with a bunch of girls within a couple of weeks of arriving. Sounds crazy, but it made me a little jealous.


We ended up staying a hotel one night that was full except for a couple of private rooms, which was more expensive but splitting between the three of us actually made it cheaper. We dumped our bags and then headed out. We ended up getting pretty wasted and partying until the early hours.

We got back to the room and all got into the double bed (which is much cramped than you'd think with three people in it). My boyfriend's friend joked that we'd better not have sex with him in bed. I told him he'd gotten more action in the past couple of weeks than he'd had in the past couple of months. My bf was pissed with me later for saying that, but it was true: sleeping in shared dorms every night isn't actually conducive to having sex.

Anyway, the fact that we were even talking about sex kind of got me going. It was SO HOT in that room. My boyfriend and his friend were just wearing boxes in the bed, I was wearing a t-shirt and panties and my legs were touching both of theirs.

Being drunk, and hot and horny I started talking more about sex. My boyfriend's friend asked outright if I ever finger myself. I said yes, and they both freaked out and started asking me questions. Like, how often do I do it? Where? And even how many fingers I use?

The sexual tension at this point was off the chart. My BF asked me if I was horny. I said yes. He asked me if I wanted to cum. I said yes. He asked me if I wanted cock. I said yes as my heart pounded. He got up and lifted my t-shirt over my head. I was so horny being half naked in a bed with two guys with raging hard ons. He asked me if I wanted cock. I said yes. Do you want two cocks at the same time he asked? I said yes.

He started kissing me. His friend went down on me, pulling my panties to one side and licking me out. It was so hot. My head was dizzy. His friend got out a pack of condoms. My bf asked me if he wanted to fuck me. He said yes. He said ok, but no rubber. Will stuck his cock into my pussy. It was so nice. He fucked me hard for hours

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