Mother is a worry !

My father died when I was 15, my sister 14 so Mom was a widow at 39. As she was an attractive woman I thought she would start dating and perhaps re-marry. But that was the furthest thing on her mind, instead she started seeing other women, first from her work, then from her tennis club. It was subtle, she would invite them around, they would have a few drinks, they would talk then they would go. But every few weeks one would stay, it was raining , it was hot, it was too cold, it was too late, I never picked up on it but my sister did. She had the room next door to Mom,s, she could hear what was going on, she alerted me so I became more aware. One of her closest friends for many years seemed to spend more time with her than any other, she was in the tennis club, she only lived in the next street. They played tennis every Wednesday afternoon, followed by some time in bed. One day, I got home from school, had a quick look around Mom,s room and found various sex toys, dildos, strap on cocks etc. Frankly, I was surprised but each to their own. Mom,s lesbian affair with her friend lasted about 4 years, then we moved to the city. One of the first things she did was join the local tennis club and it wasn,t long before she attracted another lady into her bed. My sister was engaged and about to be married and move out, I wasn,t living at home, I was in the army so Mom was alone for many years. In 1976, she asked me come back home because she was alone, my sister was married with 2 children so I reluctantly moved back. Although the was living alone, she was having a lesbian affair with a lady who lived up the street, never while I was there but there were always evidence that someone had been there. Mom had a stroke in early 1977, that changed her completely, she passed away in 1978 aged just 52.

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    • Lesbians of that era must not have minded the taste of hair. Some big bushes back then. I never saw a shaved vag until the mid 90s.

    • Shaved pussy is the way to go. Mine is hairless and it's so much better for oral sex for the man and I like to see my clit showing at all times. When I play with my clit there is no hair there in the way, and when I get fucked it doesn't get in the way. I love men, I live for sex with my sexy, gym honed, handsome boyfriend. I love to put on a masturbation show for him and he loves to watch me cum. He fucks me and cums so hard in me it's awesome. I am the oversexed & sexy woman

    • My husband likes me to keep a blonde patch above my kitty. Doesn’t matter much now as we only have anal sex. I’m not as sensitive up front since the change began.

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