Drunk at camp

We decided to go camping but have always arranged cabins so this time we wanted to experience outdoor first hand and got new tents and camping equipment. We then drive off to a friend of my dads who owned a massive piece of land and decided to camp along the creek. We went is 3 cars, they had them their partners, I was alone with all the tents and equipment and food on my truck.

It was a cool evening just right, but too cold and not too hot as we set up tents, started a camp fire and cooked dinner. As with all camps we got onto the alcohol right away. We were on the whiskey and the ladies were on the champers. Pretty soon the group was getting tipsy and roudy. I on the other hand decided to go easy on the drinks because I took it upon myself to keep the camp fire warm throughout the night, plus I was a gym junkie and watched what I ate and drank. This is where the excitement started.

The guys were completly smashed and one by one I carried them to their tents. Soon after it was just the 2 girls and myself. They kept drinking while i was shipping on my whiskey. They were red in the face and although the nights temperature dropped, they felt hot and decided to strip down to the undies and bras. I was surprised but didn't complain.

Then one of the girl said they put on a show for me even their boyfriends didn't know of or ever seen before. They started making out with eachother kissing tongue to tongue, pulling off eachothers clothings and started squeezing each other's breasts and fingering eachother.

My god how could I keep my fully erect cock in my pants! They saw my bulge and was amazed and said their bf's weren't my size at all. So they started making their way towards me with sexy fuck me eyes. One of the girl, Kaz declared my cock first so Liz settled for me licking her pussy.

It was out of control as they both fought to suck my cock, nibble my nipple and kissed my six pack. Meanwhile I was happily fingering them both until they were wet as fuck. As Kaz startedby sucking on my cock, Liz said it was only fair that she got to ride my cock first.

Such tight pussy wet pussy made it easy to slide right up pussy and did she start bouncing HARD! She wanted her pussy punished like there were no tomorrow! Next Kaz got Liz to move and she started to suck my cock cleaning it for her pussy. Kaz then jumped on top and also rode me like no tomorrow. They both agreed my cock was larger and longer than both their bf.

Suddenly Kaz pulled right off and glided my cock to her ass and slowly sat on it, deeper and deeper until she was sitting between my cock. I laid back and Liz came around to my face and started sitting on me forcing me to lick her pussy after she had rubbed her clit.

We did this for a while then I said I was gonna cum. Kaz pulled my cock put of her ass and both the girls got on thier knees and started kissing and licking each others mouths and tongues and asked I cum between them. I had no problems doing that and gave them a good share of my cum only for them to lick it off each others face.

I was spent! But Liz was upset as I fuck Kaz in the ass and not her so she started to suck my cock again bringing ot back to life and hard again. This time she got her wish and rammed my cock up her ass while kissing Kaz. After a while I was about to cum again and she wanted it up het ass and sat on me until I came!

We rested a while and walked into the creek to wash off.

That camp site had many places to explore, and that's the next story.

3 months ago

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