Helping a mate renovate

Sorry a bit long, but enjoy as I did :)

My mate was renovating his bathroom kitchen and building his outdoor deck. He being a tradie, I thought I could learn a thing or two so I offered to help.

I guess he took advantage of the situation and I was doing all the heavy lifting. I'm well built and hit the gym as much as possible so this heavy lifting wasn't so bad. Anyway one hot day, I was working up a sweat and we ran out of timber so he had to go to the timber yard with his truck, but had so much tools and junk in it, there were only room for one so I stayed and waited and finished off what needed to be done.

His gf was also helping with the little things and she too felt the heat and was sweating down her cleavage and under her breasts. She asked if I mind if she took off her bra for ventilation and I replied "your place, you do what you want. Do you mind me taking off my shirt" to which she had no objections either.

She saw my six pack and said "wow, my bf doesn't have that". I asked what, and she said this and rubbed her hand across my stomach. I could see her nipples fully erect from her perky breasts and I instantly got a hard on. She quickly move straight down and said if this is meant to be there jokingly while grabbing my cock. With her left hand she reached for her phone and calls her bf on speaker phone.

She askes how long would he be cause she was thinking of preparing dinner for us and he replied a while still, maybe an extra hour. She hung up and pulled my shorts and reached into my pants and pulled put my cock and started to stroke it. I rolled up her shirt and was squeezing her breasts to her enjoyment and she asked I squeez harder and pinch her nipples. No objections there! Next thing I was licking her nipple and sucking them while slightly biting them and she loved it.

She then pushed me a bit and pulled my shorts and pants all the way down and onto her knees, looked up into my eyes and started stroking and licking my cock. Shortly she opened her mouth and took it all the way in deep and kept her lips on my balls from get go! Amazing! She pulled off and gagged and straight all the way down again.

She kelp this for a while and then walked me to the loung, pulled down her short and g-string and layed down with her head hanging over the edge and demanded I face fuck her. I've never dons this action before so I started slowly at first. Without hesitations, she put her arms over her head, grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled hard forcing my cock in deep. I started to move in and out of her mouth more frequently and a bit rougher now while she started to rub her clit. I could see her rubbing it frantically and even pinched it with force, it was so hot making me push harder and faster.

About 10 min or so i pulled out and she sat up and asked i get into doggy position. Ok this is getting weird I thought to myself, I've never been pegged before and wasn't about to start. But she didn't do that, she started licking my anus! To my surprise, being the first time anyone ever did this to me, it felt good and I enjoyed it greatly.

Soon after I get up and she layed on the couch and I started eating her out. I firstly put one finger inside her pussy then two and she was moaning in pleasure while I rubbed her G-spot. I took them out and push my little finger in to lubricate it with her pussy juice and pulled it put agian. This time I put both fingers into her pussy and one the little one rubbing her anus. She shook her body and push onto my little finger pushing it up her anus. It went all the way in and now I was fingering her pussy with two fingers while the third in her ass.

Her body shook viciously and came with and a loud moan! Yet I continued to keep my fingers inside her and kept licking and suck her clit. She kept pulling by head into her pussy until she was spent and rest quickly with her very wet pussy spread wide opened.

She insisted i stick my cock into her and grabbed it and guides it to her pussy lips. Not even slowly l letting her catch her breath, i rammed it deep into her tight wet pussy! I knew she didn't want it any other way. I continued to bang and rammed that pussy and she screamed out I call her SLUT!

She asked when I was going to cum cause she wasn't on any contraception. I replied "not even". While my cock was still in her pussy, she got up and twisted her body into doggy position. WOW never had thia feeling before, ypur cock beibg twisted inside a pussy. Did't hurt but felt SO good. Looks like she's mastered this move so well.

In this position she asked I take her up her ass. I obliged and again with a wet cock, I rammed it DEEP into her anus. She screamed out, "do you love that ass or do you love that ass!". I joked and said could be better, which I think pissed her off a bit and she said in response, "well cum in my ass and then tell me what you feel". Fuck this made me cum real quick after i started to pump much harder and deeper, in fact I pulled her so my cock was all the way up her ass and let it all out filling her ass. She screamed "yes! Yes! Yes!"

"From now on I'll be your slut, but not your gf, call me anytime to cum in me again" she finished off. We had a little rest and got dressed and back to the reno.

When her bf got back, he was surprised how much work we completed and said he should go more often and much longer, meaning less work for him. I was like, it's easy when you get the hang of things while his gf giggled.

I finish off saying this was the beginning of a healthy "friend with benefit" relationship witout disappointment!

3 months ago

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    • Some things never change. My hot GF Emmie and I were renovating a place to flip. We hired a reputable electrician Joe to do that end. I had to leave for a another project. It took much less time than we thought it would, so I went back and watched Joe fuck Emmie on the work bench. He was standing, her ass hanging off the bench, he was really letting her have it. Hottest porn I ever saw. They didn't know I watched and I figured WTF, don't saying anything -- I'd have to fire both of them. I marry Emmie and 5 years later I tell her I watched her and Joe fuck. She fessed up she had a thing for him, they did 20x and blowjobs. He was 40 married, she was 19. 20 years later our neighbor's house is being renovated by a flipper Bob. Doesn't she fuck him. I married handyman whore. She's the perfect wife except for those two kinks in her armor. In our 50's we still have hot sex almost every day. We kid about it. I'll be looking out the window and joke "uh oh, a guy with a tool belt walking down the street. He's asking the neighbor where Emmie lives. "

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