Open marriage

Had a close friend who wound up in an open marriage. They had been married about 2 years when things started to go wrong for him and his wife.
One night at a club we all got together for some drinks and talk about old times, I noticed my friend's wife dancing with some stranger but didn't think anything about it , we all had been drinking a bit so her dancing didn't mean a thing until i noticed she was touching him all over and he was doing the same to her. He had his hands on her ass and he was rubbing hid cock against her ass and pussy. Then out of the blue they both left the club together leaving my friend behind.
I asked him what had happened to her and what happened to their marriage, his answer was disturbing He explained that after awhile their sex life had become boring to her and she wanted to spice it up. She suggested they start swinging but he was against it. She suggested an open marriage which would allow her and him to date other people when ever they wished.
At first he agreed to it , feeling in his heart she would never have a lover because he felt she loved him to much.
It turns out he was dead wrong , she went out 2 or 3 nights a week with different men, always coming home after midnight or later. There were times she would spend the entire weekend away with her lovers , never calling or bothering to let him know when she was coming home or where she had gone to.
I forgot to mention that he wasn't in the same league as she was , she was a real beauty, a sexual knockout that oozed sex all the time . Men were attracted to her all the time and she loved it. She had her pick of any man she wanted and she knew it. After a time she didn't care about her husband at all, there was no sex between them , no relationship at all.
As you can guess he was going crazy , he still loved her even though she treated him like shit, he begged her to stop the playing around and go back to their normal relationship before they had an open marriage. She laughed in his face telling him she would never go back to the way things were, she didn't care what he did one way or the other, he could leave or not.
That night after she walked out with that guy she was dancing with, my friend got into an accident with the car and was arrested for drunk driving. We bailed him out but I think his eyes were finally opened up and began to realize she wasn't worth it at all. A year later they were divorced, he was heart broken but he knew he would be able to go on without his bitch of a wife.
I have seen her around town with this guy or that guy, always craving something more. always looking for her next lover.

3 months ago


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    • Open relationships are doomed to fail. Any man that goes along isn’t a man at all.

    • You should've had her

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