Jobless in covid lock-down

Out of job during this corona days. Without any income I (35 yo F), almost regularly spent my days with sandwich pack for lunch in the park. I observed this old man (mat be mid-60s) watching me for few days. I mastered courage to say hello to him one day. And that was a breakthrough - he invited me in his house and we had lunch together and some red wine. I told him my situation. He lives alone after the death of his wife. He planted a soft kiss on my cheek assuring me of everything will be ok soon! I was s** starved for more than a year and I could not resist to kiss him back, this time on his lips. He drew me closer and I melted in his arm, frantically kissing each other. Soon we ended in his bed naked and f****** our minds out altogether. From then on we had s** thrice a week. He introduced me to some of his friends aged 40 to 70. After about a month, he indicated that they want to have s** with me and with monetary benefits. Now I f*** them - two guys a day for $100 to $140 for a three-hour session, either at my place or my new friend's home. He would watch me fucking if I have sex with his fiends at his place. Two older ones have ED problem, they just enjoy my body fondling my b**** and p**** and sucking them while I m********* their limp c**** or suck them off.
This particular soft spoken man in his 70s with ED problem would lay astride me so that his tits are near to my mouth and mine to him. He loved his nips being stroked and sucked while he does the same to my tits. My hand strokes his cock while he massages my pussy lips and clit to my orgasms and let him cum in my hand.
I have now seven regulars ... and am financially OK.

3 months ago

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    • Get the ED guy on the blue pill.

    • Tries. Not of any lasting result!!

    • Good job! I’d love to hear more details! Not enough women post here and I don’t know why? It’s completely anonymous and you can let fantasy’s flow or confess all your naughty deeds!

    • Thanks. Although the time is set for a three-hour session, most leave in about two hours, and satisfied! I often love the ED ones as they suck my pussy to my multiple orgasms, most often I tell them how I want it to be eaten - one lips at a time then both of them and finishing off with sucking deep my clit while fingering my pussy. I massage my tits twitching on my nips from time to time. I do not allow anal or bdsm! I love the one 45 yo stud who fucks me in various positions. It is great to ride his thick cock stooping on him a bit so that he can massage and suck on my nips....

    • Good for you, Honey. Enjoy.

    • It was a survival question for me and now I do enjoy this new joy!!

    • So I a ho

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