Curious men

I am an older male becoming increasingly curious about having sex with another man. Are there any chat rooms where I could discuss with others, and see if they followed through and how they felt afterward?

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  • I’m 65 and married, and would love to hook up with another guy, from age maybe 22-30 me and a friend got together regularly for some great sex, oral, anal, just jerking off, whatever. One night was especially good, did a little coke and fucked and sucked all night. It originally started when his girlfriend was out of town and we were at his place, we’d been drinking a little smoking some pot and it was getting late, I was going to crash on the couch but he said, come to bed, I said no thanks, when he went into the bedroom I got naked. I called him out to the living room where I was standing with big old boner. I’m a pretty good size. He grabbed it and led me into the bedroom where he got naked. We stood in front of each other playing with eachother and French kissing,, so hot. He went down on me and I never came so hard in my life. After a minute he fucked in my ass and stroked me to another hard on, after he came in me he sucked it out and we shared a delicious gooey kiss. That went on for 8-10 years a few times a month great fun while it lasted

  • I've been having sex with men for years. It took a while before I was truly comfortable (in my head) doing it. I'm currently married and my wife doesn't know that I'm bisexual and she wouldn't like it if she did know. She has said she wouldn't be into seeing me with another man. But as long as she only wants sex once every other week and my gay neighbor is always willing, that will always be a thing. I work nights and just pop in after work in the morning 2-3 times a week. Love it

  • Hopefully you will find a site . If you do post it on Naughty Posts have the same desire

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