Me my wife and my buddy

My wife and I have a great sex life and one night I confessed that I wanted to have a threesome with another guy. She was a little turned on but wanted to be careful about it. One weekend I had to work a trade show with a friend and coworker and she went along. We were in our 30’s and knew him from high school and after working we were all having drinks and dinner and decided to go to the hot tub. The conversation was turning sexual and we exited to his room for more drinks. She kissed me on the way and asked if this could be the night, I said it can if you want to. Once in his room she left to change and he said you’re a lucky guy, your wife is hot. I asked if he was up for some fun which he replied you mean a threesome? I said maybe and he was all in. She came back wearing a long tee shirt and sat down between us on the couch. We all had a beer and I asked if he noticed how nice her tits were, he said how couldn’t you and I said she should show him. After a little coaxing she got up and pulled her shirt off with nothing on but her panties, sat back down and we started playing with her tits. Before long we were both kissing her and I went to the bathroom returning to her on her knees in front of him making out. He went to the bathroom and she asked if I was good with this which I said let’s go for it. He came back and sat down, soon she was kissing him and moved down to pull his cock out and start sucking it. I headed for the bedroom and they followed, she laid on the bed where I slid her panties off and started eating her pussy while she continued sucking his cock. She came once and said she wanted a cock in her so I went so she could suck me and he climbed on the bed and inched his cock towards her pussy. Our cocks are both average 6” but he has a big head, she gasped a little when he entered but seeing another guy in her pussy turned me on. They fucked for awhile, he pulled out and I laid down so she could mount me. We were both surprised when he went behind and slid his cock in her ass, she gasped again but really got into it. Before long we both unloaded in her and collapsed. After laying on the bed together for awhile I was ready to go again, got her on all fours and slid in from behind while she sucked him hard again. I came in her again, pulled out and he flipped her over and fucked her quite awhile before filling her with another load. When he pulled out cum was oozing from her pussy, we all cleaned up and went to our room to bed. The next morning at breakfast I asked if he enjoyed himself which was obviously yes. We’ve gotten together since but the first was our favorite

3 months ago

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