Betting wife

The wife and i were in a crazy mood one night so she bet me she could turn on our next door neighbor and never take her clothes off, the loser would have to give oral sex any time and any place the winner wanted.
I of course jumped at the chance to watch her try to excite our neighbor, this guy was in his late 50 s and his wife was a prude as was he.
The wife's idea was to call him up and ask him to come over and shut off our water because of a leak in the basement. She could wear anything she wanted within reason, no see through anything or stuff like that.
I watched as she put on the shortest tightest black dress she had, no stockings, no under ware, no bra no panties, you get the idea.
So she makes the call and begs him to come over to shut off the water. I'm hidden in the closet in the basement so I can see the whole thing. I didn't tell her but i had my camera ready to film the whole thing ,
I watch as they both come down the stairs and she is talking like she is very happy he is there, , she tells him what a great neighbor he is and how in shape he is that kind of thing.
Well she sits down on a chair just a few feet away from this guy and as he is shutting of the water and flashes him by showing off her pussy. Remember she has no undies on and is wearing a very short dress. The look on his face was priceless, I think his heart must have stopped because he couldn't take his eyes off my wife's pussy. The wife sees the look on his face and has her dress ride up even more as she exposes more of what she has.
Then this guy tells my wife she looks great and begins to flirt with her, he begins to make a play for her, He tells her her legs look great , and they do , he tells her she has a nice round ass, and she does. I begin to notice that my wife is liking all the flirting going on and she shows it by standing up and pulling her dress up over her nice ass. Now I notice he has a hard on and the wife sees it to, By now I'm starting to get nervous , when he falls to his knees and starts licking my wife's pussy, she grins from ear to ear and lets him lick away. She looks at the closet where I am hiding and grins at me knowing i am seeing everything.
Next thing I know she has his cock out and starts to jerk him off. He came in no time at all, after he came he was apologetic and begged my wife not to tell his wife about this, which she agreed not to.
I was dumb founded, I couldn't believe my wife wouId do this and reminded her that I had won the bet , she and he had touched each other and she lost the bet.
So now I get a blow job on demand which is great for me . i especially like it when we are in a parking lot and she is between my legs sucking my cock

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  • Not the first time she’s done something like this. It’s just the first you know about. You’re a cuck and she tricked you into thinking you’re winning.

  • You are probably right about that, you can never trust a woman.

  • This sounds like the start of a fantastic adventure for you both!

  • I'm not so sure about that, my wife is a very sexual woman and if she figures out that she can flirt and then fuck any man she wants my life will change forever. Who knows who she will be fucking next ? Once that door was opened , it can never be closed again.

  • Love it

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