Size Can Matter

Hi, my name is Terri. My best friend at the time I was 20 was a male. His name is Jim. We had grown up together having lived side by side (in adjoining rooms) since we were infants. We had never been anything but friends from a sexual standpoint, but had talked about each other's sexual secrets and histories.

In case you haven't figured it out, Jim is my older brother. Of all the things we had talked about, there was one secret Jim withheld from me. I learned this only because a couple of girlfriends told me that Jim was well endowed. My interest early on was to say "so what."

While I was in my Junior year of college several college girls who lived in my general area decided to throw a party. At the last minute my date opted out so I conned my brother Jim to be my date.

The party was great and somehow the lights got turned down and the party turned sexy. Jim and I went along with it and danced slow and close and soon I forgot that he was my brother. My pussy started getting wet and I was feeling Jim growing hard.

We decided that since we were "dating" that maybe we could be like other "dates" and go someplace and neck. We went out to the car and Jim moved it away from the other vehicles to a secluded spot. We wasted little time getting into the back seat. It was a beautiful night, with a bright moon and it seemed almost like daylight. We kissed quickly and soon had our tongues in each other's mouth. Almost before I knew it he had my panties off and his fingers inside of me. I was ready, I don't know if it was because he was my brother or just because he was a guy with a hard cock and I was sex starved, but as I said I WAS READY.

After a few minutes he stopped and worked his pants down. I opened my eyes and looked at his erect penis. I was shocked. I had never seen one so large. There in the bright moonlight it looked gigantic. I was in shock. Usually in car situations I sit on the guy so that I can feel him deep inside of me. I quickly decided, "NOT NECESSARY."

I put my hand around it and it felt as big as it looked. I started stroking it and meanwhile got up on my knees beside him on the car seat. I spread them so that he could get his fingers deeper inside me. As it turned out my face wasn't very far from the head of his penis. You can imaging what happened next. You got it, he erupted, and how he erupted. I hadn't seen a guy let go that much before. It was in my hair, on my face, in my mouth, on my clothes and on the upholstery.

It was all confusion, apology, laughter, and cleanup for awhile. I did swallow what was in my mouth and enjoyed it.

We were kind of deflated by then so we got back in the front seat and drove on home. I went to bed and started thinking about the situation. Next thing I was masturbating fiercely and came several times as I remembered what had happened with Jim.

The next day I couldn't keep my mind off the thought of having that big thing inside of me and it bringing orgasm after orgasm to my willing body. The big question in my mind was "Can I take it?"

Jim worked and when he came home he took a shower and finished just in time to sit down for supper. At the supper table I took the 'bull by the horns and spoke across the table.

"Jim, how about I take you to the 9:00 show tonight. Sort of a reward for showing me a good time last night. OK?"

Jim mumbled a yes, got a bit red and retreated to the yard to his car that was his pride and joy. About a quarter to eight he found me on the patio dressed in a modest sun dress. The dress hide nicely the fact that I was completely naked beneath it.

We drove slowly out of the driveway and around the corner. Jim looked at me with a question mark in his eyes. I took his right hand and placed it high on my thigh and his quick fingers immediately discovered the absence of my panties.

Being quick to sense that he had a clue as to my desire he raced to our parking place of the night before. We both climbed into the back seat without even discussing it. We wasted no time getting our arms around each other and our tongues working. It took him only a minute till he discovered that I had no bra on either.

With my cooperation he had his trousers down quickly. We were kissing all this time and moving about and soon I had my back in the corner and my legs spread and was waiting and quaking with anticipation. I didn't have to wait long till I felt his penis trying to push it's way into my pussy. We started thrusting toward each other and it was just starting to enter me when I felt it begin to pulse and the hot cum was like a flood. Most was all over my pussy and some was in my pussy and between. Jim never got soft, and with the extra lubrication his cum provided, and our continued thrusting, that big thing of his was inside me in the next instant.

I felt that big cock fill me as I had never been filled before and then started to slide in and out. Before I could even think about having an orgasm one overcame me. I then hung back for a minute and maneuvered around till I was on top and then took control and began to slide it deep into me and then lift myself till it was almost all the way out, totally enjoying it's length and girth. It seemed like only seconds till I came again. My hot fluids running down Jim's shaft. We hardly slowed down but began to go at it harder and harder till after a few moments we both came again, almost together, and I was so full of cum that I could not hold it all.

This seemed to finish us both, and we stayed coupled together for several minutes till I began to think of what we had done and rapidly cooled down and began to disengage myself. Jim pulled away and began to straighten himself out and I sat up and began the search for my panties. I remembered then that I had none. I suddenly felt my thighs getting wet as the cum began to come out and spread itself around. I quickly remembered some paper towels that Jim kept under the seat and cleaned myself somewhat. It didn't help much after we drove home and I got out of the car. Cum ran down my legs as I got into the house and my shower. fortunately unobserved.

The next afternoon Jim was home early from work and our parents were away. We fucked several times in just over an hour and enjoyed every minute of it.

Jim has improved his foreplay and screwing technique. He says that he knows now that size is not enough.


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  • I have been married to the same woman for 44 years. She was a virgin when we married but I have watched her with many, many other men through the years. After watching her with guys with cocks ranging from 3" to 12.5" I can say without a doubt that size matters. She has always said her favorite guys were 7" to 9" because those were the most comfortable and did not require as much skill as the smaller or larger. She said that skill is a must for smaller cocks for her to enjoy sex with them but that it was also necessary for the guys with larger cocks. She said that it was somewhat uncomfortable and sometimes even painful being with guys who were 10" or larger but if the guys knew how to use it, it was still pleasurable. I watched her with the guy who has the 12.5" cock and he is definitely talented but she was sore for days!

  • My wife fucked other guys several love her doing other men . Wish she was still actively seeking and fucking other men . Unfortunately she isn’t interested any more.

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