Young stud after work

I just found out my wife is having an affair with a guy 10 years younger than she is. He works at the local grocery store part time at the check out counter.
As you can guess that is were they met and that is where all the flirting began.
I got a good look at this guy and he is perfect for my wife, he is 6 ft 2 inches tall , athletic and according to my wife very sexy .
The way i found out about the affair was the changes that my wife went through , you know, dressing like she was going out on a date but was going to work, smelling like a man when she came home , being very secretive with her phone, that kind of thing.
Men just can't help themselves and try to flirt with her all the time. She has sex written all over her and men will try to talk to her even though i am standing right next to her, it's a real pain in the ass.
What bothers me the most is that she loves being flirted with, even with me there, she often said she loved to see me squirm when a guy is flirting with her. I forgot to mention that my wife is a real knock out, she has curly light brown hair , drop dead legs and a perfect round ass that says please fuck me. She is 5 ft 5 inches with a perfect figure and a face like a model.
One night she was an hour late from work and I was getting worried, so I drove to the grocery hoping to see her which i did, there she was leaving the store with this guy holding her bags and they both went to her car which was parked behind the store.
I sat there in my car holding my breath as i watched both of them get into her car. At first it was hard to see but I moved to get a better view and there she was on top of this guy exposing her perfect round fuck me ass , bouncing up and down on this guy's large cock.
Their sex went on for 30 minutes and she managed to milk a couple of gallons of cum out of him. I watched a few more minutes as they got dressed, he got out of the car and goes back into the store and she puts on her lipstick so she can fool poor stupid hubby.
I got home a few minutes ahead of her and watched her as she walked up the driveway with a gallon of cum between her legs, she looked as if nothing had happened except for the shit eating grin on her cheating face.
She talked as if everything was normal, nothing new at work blah blah blah
I told her to shut up , I told her i saw everything to which she replied that she had this craving for this guy's bulge in his pants every time they were together.
She reminded me that ever though she was 10 years older than he was, I was 10 years older than she was. She asked if I saw his cock to which I answered yes , she then said I should understand the reason she fucked him , his cock was larger and thicker and harder than mine ever was .She also said she had been doing this kid for 2 months and as far as she was concerned she would be doing him for as long as she wanted to.
This all happened 4 months ago and she is still fucking this guy except now she brings him home and fucks him in our bed I usually leave the house or go for a walk for an hour or so.
She still fucks me and I have to admit she is very good at it.
She told me she had an insane desire for this guy and couldn't get enough of him, having said that she promptly fucked my brains out.


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  • You out kicked your coverage. Women by nature want young big dick in their pussy. The kid likes his salami in your hot wife's fun hole.
    I've been there, hot wife on corner bar's MILF list, humped by jock. It will last 6 months, maybe a year. The good news, she'll get dumped. Then you'll pony up 5 Large for her counseling.

  • The grocery boy must have big bologna. Sounds like you'd rather share than lose your wife. You might want to record them fucking and you can threaten the grocery boy with showing it to his mom.

  • I agree, The idea of recording them in action is probable the best way to go. I would love to scare the shit out of him but it wouldn't work , from what she tells me he is in love with himself and would love to have this kind of thing shown around.
    Share or lose , which way to go ? I think for now I'm going to see how far she will go with this. I know she loves fucking a young guy and I know she loves rubbing my face in it . no I'm not into cleaning out her pussy after she has fucked him. I'm not bi sexual I'm just unlucky to be married to a cheating bitch who thinks her shit doesn't stink.

  • Personally I don't like to share and I'd more than likely be thinking of kicking the boy's ass. How would your wife react to that? I'm glad you don't clean the grocery boy's cum out of your wife's pussy. I don't think your wife will change the way she is now, so get a divorce.

  • I think you are right, but I still want my pound of flesh from her one way or another. I left one night knowing he was coming over to fuck the shit out of her, instead of going for a walk i waited in the back yard for him to arrive.
    He came on schedule and i watched as they kissed and went into the bedroom. I snuck back into the house and kicked in the bedroom door and scared the shit out of the both of them, i had a baseball bat in one hand and started swinging at the air over the bed the look on their miserable faces was priceless. He left in a real hurry tripping over his pants as he tried to put then back on.
    She on the other hand became angry and the only thing I could think of to say was fuck you , get ready for a nasty divorce.

  • Good for you!!! I would have revenge fucked your wife after the boy left.

  • Leave her omg

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