One off encounter

First of all I am straight guy I need to put that out there I have been married twice divorced once but on one occasion something happened to this day I cannot understand despite having no problem with people of the same sex having relationships having sex getting married and falling in love I have never been that way inclined that way myself except one day. I was divorced at the time I had been on my own for a couple of years my work and non existent social life meant my chances of meating anyone where shallow at best. This particular day I had been in the shower when I heard a knock at my door I wrapped a towel around my waste and answered the door now at the time I was 29 next door but one was darren he was 22 we had become friends while playing online games on our consoles we found it strange when we lived 2 doors from each other but becoming friends on a game, now darren was a quiet spoken lad not very chatty when not on his console that is, he used to call at mine at times for a coffee and a chat usually about the latest games. So as not to be ignorant I asked if he was ok at me finishing drying off while talking he had no objection. I dried myself all over paying attention to my small but well formed penis, while drying that area I couldnt help notice darren was looking at my penis almost fixated upon it , I then noticed a good bulge in his track suit cautiously I said while laughing is that for me to my surprise he said yes , it was then I felt a twinge in my penis even though he was a male it was as though because someone liked my penis it reacted. As I stood there totally without any clothing getting erect I asked darren to stand he was also hard I then for whatever reason one that eludes me I moved to him I began carressing his cock through his bottoms I then removed his shirt moved closer dropped his bottom clothing grabbed his bare willy pulled him close and kissed him he then came closer and reciprocated my advance we then moved to the sofa I sat down he then prompltly knealt before me grabbing my pulsing below average 4.5 inch willy he then put his head down and took al of my cock in his mouth it felt good , after a minute I had to stop him I was about to explode but before I did it was my turn, changing positions I for the first and only time grabbed his huge penis put it in my mouth I couldnt get all his 8 incher in my mouth I tried I rubbed I squeezed and I sucked I did everything I could to make it enjoyableI then I felt his balls tighten and his cock stiffen here it comes his cum burst out it shot to the back of my throat his cock pulsing over and over every pulse more cum filled my mouth eventually it was done, darren then said my turn he said I love your tiny cock I can take it all and he definately did, I could feel I was coming so could darren he squuezed my balls so hard it was almost painful the intense pleasure of it it was a feeling so overwhelming that before I knew it I was in the throw of afull blown orgasm pulse after pulse my balls emptied into his mouth till there was no more.The strange thing about this is darren is now married to a woman and never been with another man also I am married and to this day the thought of me going with a man turns me off yet that day that time something happened neither me nor darren have spoke of it itsnot that we are ashamed of it wejust can't explain it.

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