My Embarassing Father

The Last time we had a Family Gathering at my Aunt's House, My Dad made an ass out of himself. When we were all having dinner my Dad came in the Dining Room wearing his Elvis suit and was holding his Guitar, he turned on the Stereo and began playing Elvis's All Shook Up as he then stood on top of My Aunt's Dinner Table and began dancing and singing Elvis's All Shook Up.

Both My Mom and My Aunt were yelling at him to get off the table, I mean my Dad is like 40 Years Old and he's standing on the Table like a 4 Year Old singing fucking Elvis Songs. My Dad does do a lot of stupid shit every time he gets drunk believe me and this time he was making a big ass out of himself singing Elvis songs on my Aunt's Table.

Then My Aunt's table broke and food went everywhere and my Aunt's Table was destroyed, she and my Mom were both pissed as me, my brother and her all went home while My Dad was told not to, hell my Aunt made my dad clean up the mess and buy her a new table, not to mention he's no longer allowed back home or at my Ant's until he undergoes rehab.

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  • That's terrible. Singing elvis songs

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  • Thats a hard one to treat. An alcoholic has to want to stop drinking before any rehab will work. If he doesn't want to stop then he won't. Talk with the family and see if you all can get him to stop drinking and then send him to rehab. Good luck and best wishes.

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