A little something with their coffee

It was a saturday my wifes sisters had come over to see her we hadn't seen them for a few weeks in fact it was christmas when they came last. At christmas we had given them both a box of chocolate willy's for a laugh after eight chocs in willy form, they had been at ours about 10 mins when sue the older sister mentioned the chocs they both said they where very nice just not big enough I joked thats what julie says, julie being my wife, her sisters both laughed a laugh of yeh alright bet thats not true, I told them I'm not kidding,it was then my wife cut in and asked if they wanted a drink of coffee they both said yes, I told my wife I will make it leaving them to chat. I went to the kitchen filled the kettle set it boiling and prepared the cups, the kettle boiled and I made the drinks, it was then as I was about to take them into the living room that I had the urge, the urge to serve them naked so as to orove my point so before I could have any doubts I stripped there I was in all my glory ready to make my entrance, the only trouble I was both excited at the thought of being naked in front of my sister in laws and nervous at the same time so as a result my small willy usually 2 inches soft and 4 inches hard had now reduced to 1 inch not even a walnut whip size, what shall I do I thought do I dare go through with it , what the hell the excitement at them laughing at my small apendage drove me on, I opened the room door and walked in so far the chimney wall blocked my sister in laws view of me it was as I turned the corner of the chimney breast that my wife got a full frontal view without them being able to see me, with a loud shriek my wife said "my god what are you doing"calmly I said serving drinks with a little something extra my wife laughed and said that is so so true , by this time my in laws curious as to what was happening wanted to know what the fuss was about, it was then I got my wifes approval she said come on show them so without hesitation I walked forward straight to where they where sat sue gave out such a shriek and dirty laugh june who is more subdued but forthright said my word you weren't kidding you really have got a little willy, my 3 year old grandson has abigger one, it was then that my nerves calmed no one had thrown a wobbly I could relaxe it was then that excitement took over as a result things began to stir my willy began to grow when I say grow it began to harden the women all noticed and june again in her blunt way said to my wife how big does it get, about a toilet roll holder size, is that all can you feel it when you have sex my wife ever tactful said yes of course, by this time the chat about me made me fully erect sue who was fascinated by it all asked my wife if she could touch it my wife said help yourself, it was then it became a surreal situation my wife was discussing my willy with one sister the other was using 2 fingers and a thumb was rubbing my willy in effect masterbating me, her hand didnt fit on my willy as she has quite broad hands made my willy look even smaller,as she rubbed It wasn't long before I was at exploding point my wife knew that I was nearly there so to help she leaned over cupped my balls and massaged and squeezed them that was all I needed I exploded my cum shot out it felt so so good some it shot as far as junes frock a good 2 metres away to which she said well the barrel maybe short but it certainly packs a punch, my willy now retracting back to the 1 inch was spent retreating to its lesser form both june and sue asked could they take a picture to show their friends my wife and I both said yes why not, I must admit the thought of other women seeing my tiny willy and even laughing and ridiculing it was an exciting thought so much so that when the in laws went my wife and I had wonderful sex session she enjoyed the moment as much as me even though her sisters knew how little I was..


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  • My cock is also very small. My wife is a nurse and years ago I needed a cystoscopy procedure after a fall at the hospital she was working for at the time. When completely soft, there is no shaft, just the head shows. When the nurses came in to prepare me for the procedure, they lifted the cover and I saw them glance at each other and could tell they had smirks under their masks. One of them took the head between her thumb and forefinger to gently stretch and pull it so they could wash the area. My wife had admitted before that they talked about husbands and cock sizes and had told them that I had a very small cock. She said they didn't believe her when she told them just how small. My wife said she also admitted to them that while she never denied me for sex, she had several lovers/boyfriends through the years so she could enjoy satisfying sex. It was very exciting knowing that they now knew just how small I am and also knowing my wife was fucking other guys because of it.

  • That's awesome! I would love to do that. What's next for you, your wife, and her sisters?

  • You want to trade pictures email me longballs11@yahoo.com

  • GFY, Ladyballs.

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