Friend’s Wife

When I was a 19yo private in the army my 19yo buddy was married to an 18yo slut. When I got to the unit I heard all kinds of stories about guys getting him pass out drunk and fucking his wife. And she was hot. He invited me over one night and one thing led to another and I ended up on their bed watching her suck his dick. She wanted me to get a good, close look and made me lay next to them with my face about 6 inches from her face…and his dick. I had never sucked a dick before, but had been fantasizing about it since my early teens. His dick was amazing - a good 6.5-7inches cut, kind of thick, sturdy as fuck! Anyway, she’s working that dick good, sliding her mouth about halfway down before gagging and coming back up, then coming off it completely to lick the length of it a couple times before taking it back into her mouth. When she’d come up for air, she’d sometimes slap that meat against her cheek a couple times before stroking it or slobbering on it some more. It was hot and I said “Damn Kevin, you gotta a big dick” and his wife said “You wanna suck it?” I quickly said “No. No!” She said “But you like it, I figured you’d wanna suck it.” I said “What?!” and she said “You said so. You said ‘Damn Kevin, you gotta a nice dick.’ “ I said “No. I said ‘big dick’.” and Kevin said “Nope. You said ‘nice dick’.” He went on to say “In fact, you said ‘niiiice dick’.”

Well, I was busted. Freudian slip. I sucked my first dick that night. My friend’s wife said it was the sloppiest, wettest blowjob she had ever seen. I tried choking myself on it. Seriously, I sucked that dick so deep and so hard my throat was sore for a day or two…but it was amazing, well worth the sore throat.

10 months ago

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    • It was my buddy's wife that asked me to give him a blow job, she said he swung both ways and never had any luck finding guys.
      I asked what made her think I was gay, she just told me it was because I never tried anything at all with her.
      Then she told me part of it was her husband had a tiny little 3" long dick, I had not clue about that.
      So, I told her I would if I got to fuck her as my reward, she shook her head no.
      So far nothing, but IF she agrees, I might just be giving my first blow job.

    • Such a nice dick for my first blowjob.

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