Faint queen

The guy next door to me and my wife always flirts with her and her back to him. He's a handsome cute guy always wears tight shorts with a very visible bulge and in my secret desires I had fantasies of him and me together.
I came home one hot day,changed into my shorts and found them together in the backyard chatting over drinks.
My wife was wearing a short sundress,obviously no bra and most of her cleavage showing.
The way she was sitting next to him her dress was up far enough that I was sure he could see what color panties she wore if any at all.
I watched from the window then saw him put his hand on her knee and move it up her thigh,she seemed to like it and giggled like a school girl.
Then his hand lossened the strap on her top and one breast fell out.
She giggled again and it got me very aroused watching this but I knew I had to do something although I was frightened so I walked out playing the angry husband type.
We confronted each other as my wife sat there,one breast still out,almost smiling.
I just knew we were about to fight but then my knees got weak and I fainted on the spot.
I was told later he picked me up,put me over his shoulders and carried me to the house,my wife said i fainted like a girl and it embarressed her.
I woke up lying on the sofa and she said he left after carrying me to the sofa but I think something more happened after I passed out.
As i lay there she bent over across the room in that short dress and she didn't have panties on,that was one more hint

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