Got my wife's sister pregnant

My wife and I have three kids, all healthy and good looking. Her sister is married to a nice guy who turned out to be about zero sperm count. No way could they afford to do it in any clinic, then my wife asked ME to "help" out?
Like wow, I was surprised, but she explained that this way would be best and it would not be some stranger and they could end up with lord knows what as a child.
I concede to being willing, her sister is a stone fox. But THEN they decided that her sister would live with me until, the deed was done, and she would go live with her sister's husband?
I admit to not liking that much, but after many long discussions, that is what we did.
It took me two months to get it done, wife came home and all normal, her sister had a strapping 8 pound boy. Now, a year later, they want another one, so here we go again. What pisses me off is my wife seems all giddy at the idea, and while her sister is OK in the sack, I prefer my own wife who is way more adventurous. I did notice that when she was back the first time she suddenly liked doggy style, we seldom did that before.
Not sure what is going on.

1 month ago

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    • When we first got married my wife was telling her cousin about my cock being uncut. How I had a lot of extra forskin. Her cousin never seen a guy with an uncut cock before. She was over the house one night and one thing led to another and my wife had me pulling out my cock to show her cousin. My wife pulled back the forskin so she could see the head and of course I got hard. Next thing I knew was that they both were taking turns sucking my cock. We ended up in bed fucking me my wife and her cousin. I was jumping from one pussy to the other. Her cousin was a long legged girl. She got on top of me and was riding me. I couldn't help myself I grabbed her ass and pulled her down on my cock and shoot my load deep into her pussy. She ended up getting pregnant that night. She had a boyfriend who she married. He thinks that it's his baby. Only me and my wife know the truth. We kept fucking for about a year or so after she married him. My wife was okay with it. We had a good open marriage I never fucked any other women after that just my wife. She was fucking other guys sometimes two and three a week. She ended up pregnant from a black guy that she didn't know. She didn't know that the baby was black until after the baby was born. And didn't know who the father was. She told me that she was with a few black men from the bar she had gone to. It's all good I love her still.

    • My husband’s grandfather got me preggo. My hubby’s sperm count was low…his dad was dead, but gramps was still alive. So I seduced him….he got me preggo with a baby, but passed away when I was six months on….hubby never knew and will never know. How’s that?

    • Hot. details!

    • Obviously your wife loves the opportunity to fuck her sister's husband. And for 2 months with no guilt! (since she is letting you fuck her sister). You know they are fucking every chance they get. If you don't like that, then say you don't want to father her sister's 2nd child and get couples counciling - stat. Your marriage is in danger

    • I got my MIL preggo…..

    • Tell us more?

    • It's clear that you, your wife, her sister and her husband are all getting something out of it even if you say that your wife is better at sex and that she's already shown her keenness for doggy style. All are learning from the experience and I would guess enjoying it. Take the opportunity to try new things with your wife's sister, you never know what you'll be able to do unless you ask.

    • I would love to get my wife's sister pregnant!! Jenn i want u soo bad in my bed!! I want to release all my sperm out of my balls into ur snatch!

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