Wife's bday present

The other night I was in the living room watching a show. Wife was in bed relaxing. She texted me with, "I know what I want for my bday." I said, "Your bday isnt for 2 months." She said, "Still. I know what I want." I said, "Ok. What is it?" She said, "I want a good pounding." I said, "You don't get that already?" She said, "I mean, it's ok. Not spectacular." I said, "What can I do different?" She said, "Have a bigger dick."

Before I continue, my wife and I have a great relationship. No jealousy whatsoever. We are able to see a hot guy (in her case) or girl (in my case) and mention it and discuss it without the other getting hurt feelings.

Now, I know I have an average size cock. It's 5.5" erect and maybe 2 inches flaccid. I said, "How big a dick were you wanting?" She said, "8 or 9 inches? That would be nice. Bigger would be good but 8 or 9 would do." I said, "Well, I definitely am not that big. Got someone else in mind?" She said, "Yeah. Your buddy that was over a month or so ago." I said, "Tim? How do you know how big his dick is?" She said, "He was using the bathroom when he was swimming when he was here. I didn't know and I walked in and saw it. Quickly excused myself. Kinda gawked a bit tho. It was mighty lovely." I said, "How big is he?" She said, "Well I didn't exactly measure it but if I'm just spitballing it was 6 inches soft." I said, "Well, he is pretty well built and you damn near saw him naked. So you wanna fuck Tim?" She said, "Lord yes. He could fuck me any time he wants." I said, "Condom?" She said, "No condom. You know I don't like them." I said, "Well, it would be wierd for me to ask him to fuck my wife." She said, "He's on FB? I'll hit him up. Once his cock tastes this pussy, he will be hooked." I said, "So for your bday, you wanna fuck Tim." She said, "Is that ok? Would you let me?" I said, "I'd rather give you permission than find out later. May be sexy to watch." She said, "Nice! I love you baby. You are the best!" I said, "What if you like it? Would you do it again?" She said, "You don't ever have to worry about not getting laid. I fuck you any time you want it. I just want a little something different on the side occasionally."

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  • She doesn't want a bigger dick, she want's another man's dick. If she just wanted a bigger dick you can just use a big dildo. You are so fucking naïve.

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