Desire to be licked

I want to spread my bare pussy under the open sunlight. Near a window, or in a tucked-away little field...I would spread my legs wide and let people taste me. I would love to be licked in a pussy tasting contest, side by side with other fresh, dripping girls. I would lay on my stomach with my knees bent, ass in the air and spread my cheeks for everyone to see. I get so wet imagining two tongues on me at once-- one for my pussy and one on my asshole. I can squirt, but rarely do with a partner. I want to make myself squirt into a beautiful girls mouth, then 69 and make out, sharing and tasting one another's pussy. I want to be blindfold and gently touched by many hands while different tongues sample my pussy juice. I love to be teased and want my pussy flicked, tickled, gently caressed all while I'm blindfolded with my legs spread wide.

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  • I have a similar fantasy! I want a man to take me to a nude beach strip me naked and present my spread open pussy to who ever wants to look at it! I'd love to look down and watch some dirty pervert strangers tongue flicking at my little clitty while my nipples are licked and sucked....i get so wet at the thought of my pussy being spread wide open! I'd be dripping wet having all those eyes feasting on my open cunt hole!

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