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Well...lol where to start with this one,oh I've made a post on here b4 about my sister and i almost getn it on but i can't sign in for whatever reason but this story literally happened the day before yesterday from the date of this post,I'll call her A,so A is my niece whom I'm only like 6yrs older than (odd ik) but she periodically uses meth and tbh i think she may have been on it when this happened although she had said otherwise...well she was very upset with her mom for threatening to have her kids taken by cps n thinking nobody gave a damn n she was thinking they were watching her n what not even tho it was storming out, but i talk her down tell she's a good person,mom n to do her n the kids...after 10 secs of silence she says "god i wish you wasn't my uncle..dammit".." oh i better get outta here before i do sumn stupid tho" then hugs me says she loves me then leaves,later she has me check her baby's forehead for a fever n after that's addressed we go to a guest bedroom where she after another silence says "show me your dick,i wanna see it" n then "then I'll show you my pussy" n I'm not too shocked more excited actually than anything so i say "ok but it's not big n normally it's bigger than now" lol it was cold,but she has a very nice pussy,it's a wide shaped one..nice so she says "ya should tell them your gonna sleep with me tonight bc i need someone to talk" so i say ok n she says "but ya gonna give me some if ya do?" n obviously i said yeah sure hell yeah,so we go to fuck n my great niece, her fiance,my sister (her mom n the older guy we live with JM well we wait til all them go to bed n then we fuck...we done spoons then she rode me for a few minutes but she wanted to wait til the next day n she would quote "rock my world" well she has been silent so far even left with her husband came back n hasn't said a word n i have mixed emotions on whether to ask or let it be any help would be greatly appreciated, cuz i don't want like a "he took advantage of me" narrative being told or anything but i hate to put her on the spot if she is having regrets...oh btw yeah she had some bomb ass pussy,a combination of me being maybe a little over average n her having some huge guys b4 made it feel as if it could stretch 3 or 4 times my size but still fantastic either way 😁👉👌

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    • No I'm not tweaking, i did miss some words tho,and the "n" i use is the short version of "and", everyone was around when i tried to post it so i had to type as much AND as fast as i could,surprising that neither of you could put two n two together considering that literally few mistakes are present that would prevent you from doing so....maybe y'all are tweaking....can ya read that?,btw it may be garbage to you but it is true and furthermore what kind of dumbfucks read a story on here and bc of a few missed words and an abbreviation of another try to be grammar police?....unless y'all are only on here in place of getting laid 🤣 which is hilarious to think but hey...do you...it's obvious nobody else is (cue the cliche self defense lines)

    • Garbage writing and garbage story

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