Bi but wife doesn't know

I I got a new job and my wide and I ended up spending about 6 months apart for most of the week. I'd drive home on the weekends and spend the week in the city my new job was in. I spent most of my free time sucking off men.
I'd answer ads and go to the adult bookstore and theater and perform oral sex on strangers, sometimes getting sucked myself.
I even went as far as being sodomized for the first time by someone I've never seen since.

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  • Sounds to me like you are gay. Call it bi, if it makes you feel better, but bottom liine is, you are queer. You owe it to your wife to tell her you are gay and fucking other queers, before you get the Aids in your ass and kill your wife with it.

  • WHAT? You cannot enjoy sucking a cock and a hot, wet pussy? Just because you do not feel that way do not discredit anyone else's ability to do so.

  • I have sucked cock, though not as much as the OP. I am not i interested in touching a man's body other than the cock, not interested in kissing, etc. And very much enjoy sex with women. You can call that gay if you want, but its more of a dick fetish.

  • You are saying you chose cocks because you want to cheat and no game to get a woman?

  • A lot of men don't have the game for quick, anon, NSA sex with women.

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