Lost my virginity to a stranger

So yesterday, I was so horny I felt like I was gonna burst. My damn fingers weren't cutting it anymore and I needed someone to just fuck me already. When it was late, I went onto Omegle and typed in my local area to see if I can find anyone (I'm 16 so I can't use hookup apps just yet). I found this guy, he was 24, and he not only wanted to be my first but also teach me a couple of things as well. Like right around 3 or 4 AM he rode up to my place and I managed to sneak out the front door and get into his car. The first thing I noticed was how amazing he smelt, his whole car smelled like it was brand new. His cologne was really good too, I don't know what guys typically wear but it smelled really good.

Once I got into his car, he turned into the next block and he turned the car off and put his hand on my thigh. I've never really had any sexual interactions besides hugging, so I just sat there burning up with embrassement while he had to make the moves. He turned my head towards his with his fingers and started kissing me. I loooovedddd kissing him, he was so fucking good at it. He was VERY playful and explored my mouth with his tongue. I went ahead and explored some parts of his mouth and he tasted amazing. I could tell he brushed his teeth since he tasted like fresh mint, I could have kissed him for hours if he let me. He instead started groping my thighs and whispered into my ear to get onto his lap. I did what he told me and got on top of him and I could easily tell he had a boner. He was wearing jeans so it felt a little rough but I was so surprised by how hard it felt against me. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him more as he started to put his hands under my shirt and started to massage my nipples.

I wanted him to fuck me, now. I took off my shirt and started to do the same to him. He chuckled as I struggled with his shirt but I managed to tear it off of him and throw it in the backseat. I started kissing his chest as he started to take off my pants and grope my ass. His hands were so firm but soft, I loved his touch. He took off my pants and threw them over to the passenger and I started to grind on his jeans. We were making out so aggressively, his chest was drenched from our drool. We both decided that enough was enough, he slid his pants down and revealed that he came prepared by wearing no underwear at all. I gotta say, I didn't expect much, but his dick slapped my ass as it came out of his pants. I was so turned on by everything, I just wanted him to fuck me no matter what was happening in that moment. It was there that he slid my panties to the side and slowly descended me onto his cock.

It took my breath away when his tip entered me. It felt so hot, big, and good to have a dick inside me. I tried remembering every detail as his cock pushed into me. It felt fantastic, I never want to forget it. He started sucking on my tits as his cock slid up and down into me. I just couldn't breath, speak, or even do anything while he fucked me. It felt like some kind of haze, like I wasn't there and I was just watching the whole thing. It just felt so surreal and amazing, if I could do the exact same thing I know I would. Time went by quickly, he pulled out and came all over himself and a bit of my stomach when he pulled out of me. I could feel every fluid pour out of me as we were panting, both his and mine. We continued to make out as we calmed down.

He brought me home and gave me one last goodbye kiss before I went back inside. I crawled back into bed and just couldn't sleep. I really wanted to tell someone this, so here I am now recalling the whole thing. I hope you guys enjoyed this story as much as I did. I might go out and get myself another man ;)

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